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Important Current Affairs 7th November 2017

Important Current Affairs 7th November 2017

Current Affairs 7th November 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

Coal India’s New App “Grahak Sadak Koyla Vitaran App” for the benefit of customers lifting coal through road mode. 

Shri Piyush Goyal, Union Minister of Railways & Coal has launched ‘Grahak Sadak Koyla Vitaran App’ benefitting customers of Coal India Limited (CIL) lifting coal through road mode.
●    The customer friendly app, launched recently in Kolkata on CIL’s Foundation Day, helps achieve transparency in despatch operations, as a tool to monitor, whether the despatches are made on the fair principle of ‘First in First Out’ and keeps track of all the activities from issuance of Sale Order to physical delivery of coal by road.
●    The main benefits of the App for the customers, against the Sale Orders issued, include easy accessibility of the information at the click of the button, apart from transparency in the system of loading programme and despatch. 
●    The app also helps in logistics planning for lifting of coal in tune with the loading programmes. 
●    It further helps in improved planning of procurement, production and stock management by the customers.
●    The main features of the app are that it provides date-wise, truck-wise quantity of coal delivered against the Sale Orders and information related to Scheme-wise, Colliery-wise, Grade-wise, customer-wise details of Sale Orders issued during a period.
●    In terms of loading it provides allotment verses lifting status in details from different sources truck by truck and summary of the despatch.

Affordable tariff structure for rural and remote areas to promote Digital India 

BharatNet, a flagship project of the Government of India to provide Broadband services in rural and remote areas has entered in service provisioning phase. 
●    As on 05.11.2017, Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) connectivity has been achieved in 1,03,275 GPs by laying fibre for 2,38,677 km. 
●    Due to several measures initiated to accelerate the end-to-end connectivity, GPON equipment has been installed in 85,506 GPs and 75,082 GPs are Services Ready.
●    Digital India, to provide Digital Services in rural and remote areas, is one of the priority areas of the Government. 
●    In order to provide affordable broadband services in rural India under the dynamic leadership of our Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, a new attractive and affordable tariff structure has been decided with the principle of more you use, less you pay. 
●    This tariff structure is expected to be reflected in the tariffs to be charged from the consumers by the service providers.
●    For asymmetrical bandwidth between block to GPs the charges per annum varies from Rs.700/- per Mbps for up to 10Mbps and Rs. 200/- per Mbps for 1 Gbps. 

Two-Day Controllers Conference – 2017 Begins 

Defence Accounts Department under Ministry of Defence (Finance) is organising a two-day ‘Controllers Conference – 2017’ beginning here today.
●    Inaugurating the conference, Chief of Army Staff lauded the initiatives of Defence Accounts Department like defence travel system, E-PPO’s, National compilation system and its benefits to the Indian Army. 
●    He stressed upon the timelines in procurements so that the Defence services can reap full benefit of budget placed at their disposal. 
●    He complimented the department for its efforts of automation which helped in transparency and effective functions, expertise in accounts, audit and finance matters. 
●    The need of uniformity in disbursement by various agencies was stressed upon.  
●    He also highlighted the importance of fraud detection and prevention as an integral internal control mechanism and thanked the department for all its efforts in strengthening the same.
●    The theme of the conference is ‘Strengthening Systems and Controls: the Way Forward’. 
●    Financial Advisor (Defence Services) Shri Sunil Kohli highlighted independence, credibility and timeliness as the core values of the department. 

NDMA conducts brainstorming session on use of UAVs in Disaster Management 

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) today conducted a one-day national-level brainstorming session on "Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in Disaster Management". 
●    The event aimed to build and improve the capacity of stakeholders to use UAVs and related technologies for better disaster preparedness and response.
●    Underlining the importance of UAV technology for disaster management, Shri R. K. Jain, Member, NDMA, said that all stakeholders should strive to leverage existing technologies for quick and efficient disaster response. 
●    Shri Jain expressed hope that this event would encourage various stakeholders to collaboratively work towards research and development of UAV technology for Disaster Risk Reduction.
●    "UAVs can be effectively used in different phases of disaster management - they can help us identify areas affected by disasters.
●    They can also aid disaster response," said Dr. D. N. Sharma, Member, NDMA.

Government to start second phase of promotion of digital payments in January

In order to encourage digital payments, the government is in the process of starting the second phase from January to January.
●    Under the Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP), a committee is working on the promotion of digital payments from January.
●    He said that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the IT Ministry are also involved in the finalization of the scheme.
●    Its logo and jingle are being designed. 
●    The next meeting of the DAVP committee will be held in a week in which the scheme will be handed over.
●    The proposal is that each ministry should come forward with its plan to encourage digital payments.
●    Since the ban in November last year, the government is trying to create a low-cash economy, which can increase the scope of the tax.
●    Due to the involvement of private sector companies, digital payments had accelerated.
●    According to RBI data, between November 2016 and September 2017, there were 933 crore transactions of Rs 12.13 lakh crore.
●    In December 2016, Digital Transactions reached 95.75 million which is the highest.

Current Affairs 7th November 2017: SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

CZT Imager of AstroSat measures first phase resolved X-ray polarisation of Crab pulsar 

AstroSat, India’s multi-wavelength space telescope, has successfully accomplished the extremely difficult task of measuring X-ray polarisation. 
●    In a paper published in ‘Nature Astronomy’, the team has documented the results of their eighteen-month study of the Crab pulsar in the Taurus Constellation.
●    They have also  measured the variations of polarisation as this highly magnetised object spins around 30 times every second. 
●    This landmark measurement puts up a strong challenge to prevailing theories of high energy X-ray emission from pulsars.

Current Affairs 7th November 2017: GLOBAL NEWS

Ola joined hands with Microsoft to prepare Connected Biik Platform

Ola, who provided the CAB booking service through the app, announced a global partnership with Microsoft, the leading technology company.
●    Under this, a state-of-the-art connected mobile platform will be developed for car makers from around the world.
●    Ola will use Microsoft's Microsoft Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Productivity Tools to improve customer experience and improve the car's maintenance.
●    Both companies will also offer their offer to the car manufacturers globally.
●    Ola's co-founder and CEO Prabhash Agarwal said in a program here that working together in such a way that both the companies can get future mobilization in India and other countries.
●    He tweeted, "I am very excited about the partnership with Microsoft and Satya Nadella to create future connected virtual platforms.

Current Affairs 7th November 2017: DEFENSE

DRDO Conducts Successful Flight Trial of 'NIRBHAY' Sub-Sonic Cruise Missile 

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) achieved yet another feat today with the successful test flight of ‘NIRBHAY’ - India’s first indigenously designed and developed Long Range Sub-Sonic Cruise Missile which can be deployed from multiple platforms. 
●    It was successfully test fired from the Integrated Test Range (ITR), Chandipur, Odisha. 
●    The missile has the capability to loiter and cruise at 0.7 Mach, at altitudes as low as 100 m. 
●    The flight test achieved all the mission objectives completely from lift-off till the final splash, boosting the confidence of all scientists associated with the trial. 
●    The missile took-off in the programmed manner and all critical operations viz. launch phase, booster deployment, engine start, wing deployment and other operational parameters demonstrated through autonomous waypoint navigation. 
●    The guidance, control and navigation system of the missile is configured around the indigenously designed Ring Laser Gyroscope (RLG) and MEMS based Inertial Navigation System (INS) along with GPS system. 
●    The missile majestically cruised for a total time duration of 50 minutes, achieving the range of 647 km.

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Important Current Affairs 6th November 2017

Important Current Affairs 6th November 2017

Current Affairs 6th November 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

Surat received the Best Urban Bus Service Award of the Government of India

Surat Municipal Corporation has been selected by the Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry for 'Best Urban Bus Service Award'.
●    Keeping in mind the remarkable success of attracting 87 per cent private vehicles and auto-rickshaw users to use the urban bus service, Surat Municipal Corporation has been selected for this award.
●    Similarly, Mysore has received the 'Best Non-Motor Driven Transport Award' for sharing public bicycles.
●    On the other hand, the selection of Kochi (Kerala) has been done for the 'Best Urban Transport Initiative Award' to complete the metro rail project and integrate metro with other means of transportation.
●    The awards for 'Best Urban Transport Vidyas' by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Transport were announced today at the conclusion of the three-day urban mobility conference-cum-exhibition in Hyderabad.
●    These awards will be given to the winning cities during the concluding session today.
●    Hyderabad's Integrated Management Initiative 'H-Trims' has been selected for the 'Praisable Initiative Award' under the 'Most Intelligent Transportation Project' category.
●    On the other hand, Chittoor has been selected for the 'Praisable Initiative Award' keeping in mind the initiative of urban police to improve road safety.

New equipment landing system was installed at Chennai International Airport

The Airports Authority of India has replaced the existing Equipment Landing System (ILS) in the runway 07 at Chennai International Airport at a cost of five crore rupees.
●    The ILS provides the necessary guidance for the pilots during the landing on the runway.
●    Landing of the airplanes at Chennai airport can be easily done even during the rain, mist etc. from the new ILS.
●    In the new ILS, a highly directional antenna system - 'wide aperture log periodic antenna array (LPDA)' system has been used.
●    This antenna system has ended coverage limits of the old ILS and now it can provide guidance to the aircraft at very low altitude with better precision.
●    This ensures better safety of aircraft during landing.
●    This sophisticated equipment has been built by M / s Indra Navia AS, Norway.
●    Work relating to the installation,alignment, testing, flight inspection of new ILS has been done internally by AIA's CNS technical experts.

Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Shri Prakash Javadekar inaugurated 'Chintan Camp'

Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Shri Prakash Javadekar inaugurated the two-day 'Chintan Camp' organized by the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi in New Delhi today.
●    The main objective of the workshop is to provide relevant overall education for the 21st century India and to unify the various NGO's, the main stakeholders of the private sector and individuals to discuss the important issues of the education sector.
●    On this occasion, HRD Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar congratulated the officials of the Ministry for organizing the workshop and said that through this we can learn each other's best practices.
●    He said that the workshop focuses mainly on five subjects- Digital Education, Life Skills Education, Experimental Studies, Physical Education and Moral Education.
●    He informed that in the coming years, 'Operation Digital Board' will be started in schools across the country.
●    He said that various organizations working in the government and education sector should collaborate in providing material for providing digital education to all students of the country and create a common digital platform.

Moody improved the rating of Bank of India, Union Bank, OBC

Moody's Investors Service today said it has stabilized the scenario ratings of three public sector banks - Bank of India, Union Bank and the oriental Bank of Commerce OBC - from negative to negative.
●    This announcement of Moody's improving the landscape ratings of these banks has come out after the announcement of capital infusion of 2.1 lakh crore in public sector banks during the next two years.
●    Moody's said in a statement released today, Moody's has changed landscape rating for Bank of India and its London and Jersey branch.
●    Similarly, the scenario rating of Union Bank and its Hong Kong branch and the oriental Bank of Commerce has also been stabilized by changing from negative.
●    This rating agency of the US has also told the local and foreign currency bank deposit ratings of these three banks as strong.

RCom will sell its DTH unit, Weikon Media and Television

Reliance Communications, led by Anil Ambani, today said that he has made an explanation for selling his DTH unit to WeCon Media and Television.
●    The company will reduce its debt through this transaction.
●    This deal is part of the company's debt payment plan announced on October 30.
●    In this scheme, the company has promised to raise Rs 17,000 crore by selling spectrum, tower and fiber etc. The company is burdened with burden of Rs 44,300 crore.
●    Reliance Communications has said in a statement that RCom has signed binding consent agreement with Vicon Media and Television Ltd for the sale of his subsidiary Reliance Big TV Ltd today.
●    His subsidiary is working in the Direct-To-Home business across the country.
●    However, the company did not disclose the value of the deal.
●    Weakon will buy this deal with all existing business liabilities on the basis of where Reliance BIG TV is located.
●    Both companies have signed a memorandum of understanding regarding this.
●    Under this agreement, around 500 employees of RBTV will maintain the Week Con.

Current Affairs 6th November 2017: GLOBAL NEWS

Delegation level talks of Mr Kiren Rijiju with the British Minister of State (Immigration) Mr. Brendan Lewis

A delegation led by the Minister of State for Immigration, Mr Brendan Lewis, had meeting with the Minister of State for Home, Mr. Kiren Rijiju.
●    In the meantime, issues related to social security of Indian workers, who were involved in immigration, extremism, extradition, cybercrime, sharing criminal data and returning from Britain were discussed.
●    Mr. Kiren Rijiju explained in detail about the Indian Government's stand on the issue of migration between India and Britain and sought cooperation from the British on a more favorable visa for Indians, especially Indian students.
●    Seeking the UK government's help in urgent action on extradition requests from India, the Minister of State of Maharashtra assured full cooperation from the Indian Government for the extradition of Mohammed Abdul Shakoor, desired in Britain on the charge of murder.
●    During this time Mr. Rijiju expressed concern over anti-India propaganda by Kashmiri and Sikh militants in Britain.
●    Mr. Lewis expressed satisfaction over the decision to discuss between the two Ministers every six months and hoped that this will strengthen bilateral relations.

Current Affairs 6th November 2017: DEFENSE

Visit to France Staff and Chief of the Navy Chief, President Admiral Sunil Lamba

Staff Committee Chief and Naval Chief, Chairman Admiral Sunil Lamba will be on the bilateral visit to France from November 5 to 10, 2017.
●    The purpose of his visit is to strengthen cooperation between the Armed Forces of India and France and to explore new opportunities for defense cooperation.
●    During his visit, Chairman, Staff Committee Chief and Naval Chief, His Excellency Ms. Florence Parlie, Defense Minister of France, General Francois Lacontrere, Defense Staff Chief, Admiral Christophe Pajuk, France Navy Chief, General Jol, Director General Armed Forces and Vice Admiral Harvard Bonaventour, bilateral talks with the Director General of International Relations and Strategy.
●    In addition to the important bilateral talks, Admiral will visit Maritime Parque Actors in Brest and Cherbourg and operate at My Time Operations Center.
●    He will also visit the French airport in Ladysmith, where he will be given information on the operational operation of the Raphael Air by the French Air Force.
●    He will also see the French submarine facilities in Chair Blog.
●    India and France have played close and friendly relations traditionally.
●    Both of them have strategic partnership in the year 1998, due to which there has been a significant increase in bilateral cooperation in strategic areas like defense, atomic energy and space.
●    Defense relations, mutual trust and confidence between the two countries has increased.

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Important Current Affairs 5th November 2017

Important Current Affairs 5th November 2017

Current Affairs 5th November 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

MHRD to organize National Workshop on School Education 

In a first of its kind event the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) is organizing a two-day National Workshop on School Education from 6th November, 2017 to 7th November, 2017 to bring together key stakeholders from various NGOs, private sector and individuals to deliberate on key themes in the education sector. 
●    The National Workshop will be graced by Shri Prakash Javadekar, Union Human Resource Development Minister, Shri Upendra Kushwaha, the Minister of State for School Education & Literacy, and Dr. Satya Pal Singh, Minister of State for Higher Education. 
●    Besides the three ministers, the workshop will also have other eminent dignitaries in the Secretary and Special Secretary, Department of School Education and Literacy & other Senior Officers of MHRD as well Principal Secretaries/Secretaries of States. 
●    The workshop will focus on the five themes of Digital Education, Physical Education, Value Education, Life Skills Education and Experiential Learning. 
●    Over the course of two days a total of 157 organizations/experts will be making their point via presentations.

With the investment of 4 lakh crores in 15 years, 100 new airports will be made: Jayant Sinha

India wants to make 100 new airports in 15 years with an investment of Rs 4 lakh crore to fulfill the future demand.
●    This information was given by Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha.
●    70 out of 100 airports will be located in places where this facility is not currently available.
●    There will be 30 second airports, which means that they will be able to handle the existing airfields to handle commercial flights.
●    Sinha said in an interview, "The plans that were made for the first airport were operated on full capacities till the development work was completed."
●    He said, "We have to think about the future and have to do this work with a long term perspective.
●    We need 100 new airports because the aviation sector is fast in the country.
●    Currently 100 airports are operational in India.
●    This is the world's fastest growing market in terms of Damage Passenger Growth.
●    In order to take advantage of this, 100 small planes besides indigo and spicejet single aisle aircraft are being added to their fleet.

Air India will buy 3 boing aircraft

Public sector airliner Air India is looking at 53.5 million dollars for the purchase of three Boeing planes.
●    Two of these planes will be used for VVIP people.
●    A senior company official told this today.
●    However, the company has reduced loan amount of $ 200 million within three weeks of the tender withdrawal.
●    Earlier, he had expressed his desire for a loan of $ 555 million for the purchase of three planes.
●    The supply of three B777-300ER planes is scheduled to be completed by February next year.
●    Two of these are expected to be supplied in January.
●    The official said that after the necessary changes, two planes will be included in the fleet used to transport the President, the Vice President and the Prime Minister.

Amway plans to increase organic farming in India

The direct selling company Amway plans to expand organic farming in the country so that it can produce the source material needed for its food supplements brand nutrilite.
●    This will help him in both his Indian and Wiki operations.
●    The company's regional president, Europe, India and Africa, Samir Behl, gave this information in a conversation with PTI-language.
●    At present, the company is negotiating with some state governments in this regard.
●    So that he can promote organic farming of fast, turmeric, millet, Boswellia, pomegranate and ginger.
●    The company has organic farms spread over 6000 acres owned by the company.
●    It is in Brazil, Mexico and America.
●    In India, the company collects content from nine third-party owned farms which have been certified under the NutriStar program.
●    Bahal said, "We have nine farm farms in India, which provide us lots of material for not only India but for Wiki production.
●    We want to increase the source material from India for our products and for this, we would like to increase the level of organic farming.

Current Affairs 5th November 2017: SPORTS

Shiv Kapoor wins Panasonic India title

India's Shiv Kapoor won the Panasonic Open Golf Tournament with three shots here on Sunday with a score of four under-68 in the fourth and final round of the Delhi Golf Club, which is his first Asian Tour title in India.
●    This is Kapoor's second Asian tour title for this season.
●    He did five birdies in the last round but also a bogey.
●    The fellow Indian players were three shots ahead of Ajeetesh Sandhu (65), Sudhir Sharma (69) and Chirag Kumar (64).
●    Chirag has 9 boards and a bogey in the last round while Sandhu has 8 birdies and a bogey.
●    Kapoor also won the Ying Dar Heritage title in April, while in the current season he was also runner-up in the Thailand Open.
●    He won his first Asian Tour title in 2005 as the Volvo Masters of Asia.
●    Seven golfer remained in second place with a total score of 14 under 274, in which the top ten have dominated the Indian players.
●    Paul Pearson of America also remained joint second.

India wins women's Asia Cup title by defeating China

Indian women's hockey team performed brilliantly in the Asia Cup, defeating China 5-4 in the final to win the title.
●    With this win the Indian team has also qualified for the World Cup 2018.
●    The title of the title was decided by the shootout.
●    Before the match was over, the two teams were equal to 1-1.
●    This is the second Asia Cup title of the Indian women team.
●    Earlier, India had named this prestigious title in 2004 when it defeated Japan 1-0.
●    With this victory, the Indian team also retaliated with the defeat of China in the tournament title in 2009.
●    In the final, India and China had a thorn in the competition.
●    The score was equal to 1-1 at the final time.
●    The match reached the shootout for the result.
●    Indian women, with a good combination and right strategy, won the title by registering a 5-4 win.

Current Affairs 5th November 2017: GLOBAL NEWS

Paradise Papers: Big Disclosures with 1.34 Million Documents

Shortly before the anniversary celebrations were celebrated as the Antique Black Money Day, there was a great revealing of Black Money.
●    This is disclosed by the same newspaper, Jittai Zeitung of Germany who unveiled Panama Papers 18 months ago.
●    Along with 96 media organizations, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists investigated documents called 'Paradise Papers'.
●    'Paradise Papers' contains 1.34 crore documents.
●    Through this disclosure, it has been told about the firms and fictitious companies that help the rich and powerful people send money abroad abroad.
●    The names of many Indian politicians, actors and businessmen have emerged in Paradise Papers leak like Panama.
●    According to Indian Institute of Media Research, Indian Express, ICIJ, this list includes the names of 714 Indians in total.
●    In the world, there are 180 countries in this list.
●    India is at number 19 in this list. 
●    The documents that have been scrutinized are mostly from Bermuda's law firm, Appleby.

Current Affairs 5th November 2017: ENVIRONMENT 

Dharmendra Pradhan gets involved in cyclathon given to Green Ride

Union Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan promoted Green Ride by participating in Cyclanthation today.
●    In this event, about five thousand people including actor Farhan Akhtar and many players took part.
●    According to an official statement, this event, promoting Green Ride through bicycles, was started from the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.
●    The objective of this program was to spread social environmental awareness among the people so that the foreign currency spent on oil imports could be saved.
●    In the statement, the head said that the advantage of cycling is not limited to environmental protection or oil savings, but also brings health and fitness to great advantage.

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Important Current Affairs 4th November 2017

Important Current Affairs 4th November 2017

Current Affairs 4th November 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

Jitendra Singh conducts conference on the discovery of good food in the World Food India in 2017

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Jitendra Singh said that India's North-Eastern region is indeed the land discovered for the well-being.
●    He said that we have to move forward and decide how to proceed.
●    The Minister said that balanced development of all areas is essential for overall development of the country.
●    Highlighting the facilities of the North-East, the Minister said that there are 50 categories of bamboo near the North-Eastern region, 14 varieties of Banana and 14 varieties of Grapefruit fruits.
●    In the North-Eastern region, pineapple and orange yields are abundant.
●    He said that if these products do not get support in the export, then this production is wasted.
●    He said that the present government has given special attention to rail and road connectivity.
●    The Minister said that there are 3 mega food parks in the North-Eastern region of Assam, Tripura and Mizoram states.
●    The state of Sikkim has been declared as the first biological state of India.

Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, will attend the World Youth Conference organized in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt

Youth Affairs and Sports (Independent Charge), Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, has left today to participate in the World Youth Meet held in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt.
●    Colonel Rathore has been appointed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for representing India in this meeting.
●    The President of Egypt, Mr. Abdel-Fattah al-CC, will inaugurate this five-day seminar.
●    In this summit clause, the heads of state government heads, youth affairs minister and representative of United Nations, Arab League and Africa Union of 14 countries are likely to participate.
●    The purpose of this seminar is to connect the youth with the main global policymakers from all over the world.
●    Apart from other things, in addition to other things, the role of youth in the business, innovative methods, challenges, gender equality and women's empowerment will be involved in the creation of future leaders.

Laws Regarding Bankruptcy Solutions for Firms, Individual Enterprises By December 2017
New rules for firms and individual enterprises will be prepared soon after new insolvency and loan redressal regulations

●    An IBBI officer of the Indian Bankruptcy and Credit Refinance Board said this today.
●    Ranjita Dubey, Deputy Manager, IBBI, said in a discussion with the Merchant Chamber of Commerce here that in the case of individuals and companies, the rules and guidelines for the first phase of bankruptcy regulations will be released by December this year.
●    The draft rules for the bankruptcy solution process for individual entrepreneurs and firms were put on the website for public comment.
●    For this, the last date for October 31 was laid.
●    IBBI, however, will continue its discussion on the draft of the rules and in the meantime it will also consider the suggestions that will be received by November 10.

Reliance Communications will stop voice calls from December 1

Customers of RCom can port their numbers to other networks by the end of this year i.e. 31 December 2017.
●    Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), a rule making body for the telecom sector, gave this information.
●    TRAI said in the instructions issued to telecom operator on October 31, "RCL (Reliance Communications Ltd) will make available only 4G data services to its customers. Consequently, on December 1, 2017, subscribers will not get voice services.
●    RCom told TRAI that it gives 2G and 4G services in eight telecom circles, such as Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Western Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.
●    Anil Ambani's company told TRAI that the company will upgrade the CDMA network of Systema Shyam Teleservices, which has merged into it so that in Delhi, Rajasthan, UP West, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, West Bengal, Gujarat and Kolkata etc. in Service Areas 4G services could be provided.

For the first time Apple will turn to Indian Engineering Colleges for campus placement 

This will be the first time that Apple will come to campus placement in any Indian college.
●    Apple Indian Institute of Information Technology (Triple IT) is to come to Hyderabad.
●    Students are very excited about the company's arrival.
●    "We are very excited about Apple's coming in the campus placement," said TV V. Devi Prasad, the placement head of the college.
●    Although we do not know what job company is coming for, but it is a great opportunity for our students to show their talents.
●    He said that Triple IT for Apple Plans will go to Hyderabad and Bangalore campus.
●    Apart from Apple, other world famous technology companies Google, Microsoft and Philips are also coming to college.
●    About 350 students have registered with different branches and courses for campus placement in December.

Poverty-free India will be ready by 2022: Policy Commission

Niti Aayog, in its presentation, said that by 2022, the country will be prepared to redress the six problems - poverty, dirt, corruption, terrorism, casteism and communalism.
●    Niti Aayog Deputy Chairman Rajiv Kumar presented the New India A2022 document in the Governor's conference last month.
●    It was published today on the Policy Commission's website.
●    Kumar said that there is an emphasis on creating a mass movement for development so that by 2022, India can get this six types of freedom (freedom from poverty, dirt, corruption, terrorism, casteism and communalism).
●    In Kumar's presentation, a new India has been talked about by 2022, which will be free from poverty, dirt, corruption, terrorism, casteism and communalism.
●    It has not been clarified in the document that the Policy Commission is talking about laying the foundation for resolving these six problems till 2022.
●    However, Rajiv Kumar clarified that he meant to prepare such land till 2022, in which to get rid of these six problems.

SEBI court sent Ketan Parekh to judicial custody

The special court hearing the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has sent former stock broker Ketan Parekh to judicial custody for not being present in the court despite a summons in the Indian case.
●    Ketan Parekh is the main name for people nominated in the 2001 Securities Scam associated with Madhavpura Mercantile Cooperative Bank.
●    SEBI has filed a lawsuit against him in various crimes, including rigging the market.
●    On Friday, when Parekh reached court to appear.
●    At the same time special court judge MG Deshpande sent him in judicial custody.
●    An SEBI official said, Parekh was taken into judicial custody immediately after appearing in front of special SEBI court.
●    In the case of non-observance of SEBI orders, the court order against Parekh was issued last month.
●    Ketan Parekh was convicted in 2008 for manipulation of shares.

Current Affairs 4th November 2017: REPORSTS AND RANKING 

India will be a high middle economy by 2047: World Bank CEO

Ease of Doing Business, the World Bank, which gives India a 30-point jump in 2018, believes that India will become a high middle income economy in the next 30 years.
●    The World Bank said on Saturday that GST and other reforms would increase the level of India's economy.
●    World Bank Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kristalina Georgieva said that being a fourfold increase in per capita income in India is an extraordinary achievement.
●    He credited this with the last three decades of reforms in the country.
●    He also praised India for achieving 100th position in the Business Facilitation Report.
●    He said that there was no such jump in the ranking that started 15 years ago.
●    He said, "When we look at the huge size of India, this achievement becomes particularly rarer even more.
●    I can understand that putting a century for cricket lovers this country is a very important achievement. '
●    In the India's Business Reform program organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Delhi, he said, "For success, it is necessary for them to adopt and move forward at a higher level.
●    We have learned that patience requires patience.
●    We believe in India that these successes of today will work as more energy for future reforms.

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Important Current Affairs 3rd November 2017

Important Current Affairs 3rd November 2017

Current Affairs 3rd November 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

Hyderabad will host a three-day conference to discuss urban traffic challenges and their solution

Nearly 1000 policymakers, including the Mayors and the Municipal Councilors from five southern states, from tomorrow in cities , during the three-day conference in 20 states and administrators of 25 countries, experts, urban planners, researchers and technology and service providers, in Hitec City, Hyderabad. 
●    Vice President Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu will inaugurate the 'Urban Dynamics India Conference & Exhibition' tomorrow.
●    The Chief Minister of Telangana Shri K. Chandrasekhar Rao and Union Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs, Shri Hardeep Singh Puri will also address the inaugural session.
●    When Mr. M. Venkaiah Naidu was the Minister of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation at the Center, last year he had selected Hyderabad for the 10th UMI Conference and the exhibition.
●    Hyderabad is hosting this conference for the first time since the launch of UMI Conference in 2008.
●    The conference is being organized jointly by Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Telangana Government and France's Transport Institute 'Kodatu'.
●    The objective of the UMI Conference is to provide information on traffic, mobility topics and traffic conditions in different cities of the whole world and exchange ideas.
●    During the conference, various aspects of traffic related to 86 cities of India including 36 foreign cities will be discussed in detail.

Meeting with Radha Mohan Singh and Minister of State for Agriculture and Food, Germany Mr. Peter Blazer

Welcoming Mr. Peter Blaser, Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Germany, Shri Radha Mohan Singh,  said that India’s relations with Germany have always been close and friendly.
●    These relations are based on common democratic values, fundamental rights and mutual trust.
●    Shri Singh said that he is particularly happy that cooperation between agriculture and allied sectors is progressing rapidly between the two countries.
●    Shri Singh said that 6 meetings of the Joint Working Group have been held since 2008; The Indian Agricultural Skills Council (ASCI) and the German Agricultural Trade Alliance (GAA) have agreed on mutually agreeing to set up a center of excellence in the field of agriculture.
●    Shri Singh said that the cooperation being done in the Seed area is particularly remarkable.
●    As the project implementation agreement for the next phase (January 2017 to December 2018) was signed in May 2017.
●    The Union Agriculture Minister said that while briefing about the various initiatives taken by the government in the agriculture sector, he said that the current level of bilateral trade can be further extended in agricultural products.
●    Mr. Singh urged the Minister of Germany to use his post to resolve promptly the Tricyclazole (TCA) issue related to Indian rice exported to Germany and other countries of the European Union.

Prime Minister launches investment portal 'Investment Bandhu'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the World Food Bharat-India in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi today.
●    This three-day event has been organized by the Ministry of Food Processing, under the guidance of Union Food Processing Minister Smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal.
●    Armenia President H. S. Srpson, Latvia Prime Minister H.E. Mr. Peter Blaser, Deputy Minister for Economic Development of Italy, Mr. Peter Blaser of Italy, Mr. Asben Lunde Larsen, Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture of Germany and the Environment and Food Minister of Denmark were also present.
●    For the first time in India, World Food Conference has been organized. On this historic occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the 'Investment Bandhu' portal or investor friend.
●    This Portal will contain information about the policies of Central and State Governments and the concessions given under the Food Processing Zone.
●    It will be a common platform for businessmen, farmers, traders, processing people and logistic operators.
●    This portal has included publications with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, which will help investors to make decisions.
●    The Prime Minister released a memorial ticket and a coffee table book on Indian cuisine.

Successful test of guided bombs

The successful light-weight guided bomb 'Saw' (SAAW, Smart NT Airfield Weapon) developed in indigenously, successfully tested from IAF aircraft in the ITR range in Chandipur, Odisha.
●    Guided bombs coming out of the aircraft, with precision, achieved the target, located 70 kilometers away using the micro-navigation system.
●    Keeping in mind the different conditions and distances, three tests were conducted and all were successful.
●    This guided bomb has been developed by the DRDO Research Center Building (RCI) with the help of other departments of DRDO and Indian Air Force.
●    Defense Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman congratulated the Indian Air Force and DRDO scientists for these successful trials.
●    Dr. S.Christopher, President of DRDO and Defense R & D Department congratulated the team and said that Saawe will soon be included in the Armed Forces.
●    Dr. G. Satish Reddy, Director General of Missile and Strategic Systems said that guided bombs are a milestone in indigenous capacity development.

JWGCTC's fourth meeting was organized in India

Under the Indo-US Defense Trade and Technical Initiative, the fourth meeting of the Joint Working Group (JWGCTC) on Aircraft Carrier Technical Cooperation was held from 29 October to 03 November in India.
●    A 13-member US delegation led by Rear Admiral Brian Antonio, Chief of Aircraft Career Program, visited the testing facility center located on the coast of Goa, Naval Center at Karwar, INS Vikramaditya in the sea, visiting the headquarters of Mazagon Dock Limited and the Western Naval Command. 
●    The concluding meeting of the Joint Working Group was held in New Delhi on November 03, 2017, headed by Rear Admiral Brian Antonio, Chief Admiral D.M. Deshpande, Chief of the Aircraft Carrier Program, and the controlling warship production and acquisition.
●    At the meeting, both sides discussed the achievements of the Joint Working Group and in the future agreed on mutual cooperation on different dimensions of aircraft carrier technology such as design, construction, testing process and project management.
●    A joint statement was signed on 03 November 2017.
●    This meeting reflects the growing mutual cooperation between the two countries in the aircraft carrier technology. 
●    Both sides agreed to hold a meeting in the United States next year.

Launch of Deendayal 'touch' scheme to encourage stamp collection

Communications Minister Mr. Manoj Sinha today launched Deendayal Touch Scheme to promote postal stamp collection.
●    This is a scholarship scheme for school children across India.
●    Under the 'touch' scheme, class VI to IX will be given scholarships annually to those children who have good academic results and who have chosen the postal stamp collection as an interest.
●    Based on a competitive process to be held in all the post circles, students interested in postage stamp collection will be selected.
●    After introducing the scheme, giving information to the media, Mr. Sinha said that under the scheme, there is a proposal to provide 920 scholarships.
●    Each postal circle will select a maximum of 40 students.
●    In class VI, VII, VIII, and IX, 10 students will each be selected.
●    The amount of scholarship is Rs 500 per month (Rs 6000 per annum).
●    The Minister said that in order to get scholarship, the child should be a student of the registered school, the school should have a stamp collecting club and the child should be a member of this club.

Current Affairs 3rd November 2017: INTERNATIONAL RELATION

Armenia President meets President

Armenia President Serge Sargsyan met President Ramnath Kovind at the Rashtrapati Bhavan today (03 November, 2017).
●    Welcoming President of Armenia on his first visit to India, congratulated Armenia on successfully guiding President of the Presidential system in the parliamentary system.
●    The President thanked Mr. Sargsyan for his presence at World Food India Festival.
●    The President said that India and Armenia share a very special relationship.
●    The roots of our warmth and friendly relations are rooted in history. Our citizens have been associated with each other for centuries.
●    In other cities of Kolkata, Chennai and India, citizens of Armenia are lovingly living with Indian citizens.
●    We feel very proud about this shared legacy.
●    The President said that our bilateral relations are strong.
●    Health sector is a potential area of bilateral cooperation.
●    He expressed confidence that this visit would give a new impetus to India-Armenia relations.

Current Affairs 3rd November 2017: DAYS AND DATES

Bureau of Indian Standards celebrates 48th World Standard Day

The Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Shri Ram Vilas Paswan has said that the Department of Consumer Affairs is working on bringing the certification regulations under the new BIS Act 2016.
●    Mr. Paswan appreciated the amendment of standards on gold ornaments with only three sections, namely, 14, 18 and 22 carats under the certification.
●    Mr. Paswan today expressed his gratitude while inaugurating the seminar on 'Making cities and smart' organized by the Bureau of Indian Standards on the occasion of 48th World Standard Day in New Delhi.
●    Shri Paswan gave special emphasis on consumer protection, which will be promoted through new consumer protection and BIS act.
●    Shri Ram Vilas Paswan released a pre-standardization report for the integrated, safe and flexible method for smart cities.
●    Mr. Paswan said that building a smart city is a very complex obligation, which has its own challenges and the standard is the only integrated separator, which can simplify this obligation.
●    National standards make the work related to Smart City safe and easy.

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Important Current Affairs 2nd November 2017

Important Current Affairs 2nd November 2017

Current Affairs 2nd November 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

President inaugurates 21st World Mental Health Conference

President Shri Ramnath Kovind inaugurated the 21st World Mental Health Conference in New Delhi today (November 2, 2017).
●    This conference was organized by the World Federation for Mental Health in collaboration with the Conference Career Foundation and other organizations.
●    In his address on this occasion the President said that for the first time in India, the World Mental Health Conference is being organized.
●    The number of cases related to mental health is increasing in our country.
●    According to the National Mental Health Survey 2016, 14 percent of India's total population is suffering from mental health problems.
●    The President said that the people living in metros and the risk of mental illness in the youth are the highest.
●    65% of India's population is under 35 years of age.
●    The rapid urbanization of our society is taking place, in this way the risk of possible mental health pandemic has also increased.

Prime Minister will inaugurate the World Food India Festival - 2017

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will inaugurate the World Food Bharat Festival (WFI) - 2017 in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on November 03, 2017.
●    WFI is the most expected International Mega Food Festival.
●    India will welcome the biggest gathering of global investors and industrialists of big companies of food sector in New Delhi during November 3-5, 2017.
●    The purpose of the World Food Festival organized by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries under the leadership of the Union Minister Smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal is to transform the food economy and to establish India as a preferred investment destination and sourcing hub for the global food processing industry. 
●    For the first time, India is hosting such a function for the food processing sector.
●    The World Food India Forum will strengthen India's position as a global food factory and it is a positive step towards the country's food security.
●    During the next three years in India, it is expected to attract investment of ten billion dollars in the food processing sector and create one million jobs.

For the first time in India, a 220 KV voltage level sub-station was constructed at an altitude of 11,500 ft

Powergrid successfully completed the work of 220 KV Sustaining (Srinagar) -Help Transmission Line 220 KV S / C Leh-Khalasi line section with 220/66 KV GIS sub-station in Leh and Khalasi on October 31, 2017. 
●    For the first time in India, 220 KV voltage level sub-station has been constructed at an altitude of 11,500 ft.
●    This prestigious project of the Government of India linking the Leh-Ladakh region with the grid in Jammu and Kashmir.
●    The strategic importance of this project was laid on 12 August 2014 by the Prime Minister.
●    The implementation of Srinagar-Leh transmission system has been handed over to Power Grid Corporation of India (Powergrid).
●    On the launch of these facilities, the facility of power supply from the Hydroelectric power station of Neemo Bajo (3x15 MW) in the Leh-Ladakh region will be facilitated.
●    The work of the remaining section of the project ie Khalasi-Kargil-Dras-Alsteng (Srinagar) section is in progress.
●    On completion of this, with reliability in all seasons, the facility of transmission of electricity in the Ladakh region can be provided directly from the Northern Grid.

Nitin Gadkari reviewed PMKSY project in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Karnataka

Central Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Conservation Minister, Shri Nitin Gadkari reviewed the Prime Minister's Agricultural Irrigation Scheme (PMKSY) projects in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Karnataka states at a high level meeting in New Delhi yesterday.
●    Expressing satisfaction over the progress of various PMKSY projects in these states, Shri Gadkari asked the officers to implement the pending projects without any delay as per the prescribed time limit.
●    The Minister said that one of the eight PMKSY projects in Andhra Pradesh has been completed and six will be completed during the current financial year.
●    He said that the remaining one project will be completed during the next financial year.
●    Regarding Odisha, the Minister said that out of eight PMKSY projects, two have been completed and three will be completed during the current financial year.
●    He said that the remaining three projects will be completed during the next financial year.
●    On the AIBP projects of Karnataka, the Minister informed that a project has been completed and the remaining four will be completed during the next financial year.
●    The Central Water Resources Ministry and senior officials of the three states participated in the meeting.

Current Affairs 2nd November 2017: DEFENSE

Civil Aviation Rule (CAR) Draft Act declaration for citizen use of drones

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation announced yesterday the draft rules for civilian use of remote piloted aircraft system ie drone.
●    Union Civil Aviation Minister Shri Ashok Gajapathi Raju and Minister of State for Civil Aviation Mr. Jayant Sinha gave information to the media.
●    According to the pilotless aircraft system draft, the drone is classified according to the maximum weight being taken as follows:
●    Nano - less than or equal to 250 grams
●    Micro - Over 250 grams and less than or equal to 2 kg
●    Mini - more than 2 kg and less than or equal to 25 kg
●    Small - More than 25kg and less than 150 or less
●    Large - Over 150 kg
●    According to the format of the draft, all types of drones can be displayed in the visual line and only in the day, whose height does not exceed 200 feet.
●    The drone is not allowed to carry or carry any dangerous material, animal or human.

Minister of State for Defense inaugurated a seminar on "Challenges of tunneling for highways in the Himalayan region"

The Minister of State for Defense, Dr. Subhash Bhamre inaugurated a two-day seminar organized on 'Challenges to design, investigate, design and manufacture tunnels for highways in the Himalaya region'.
●    This seminar has been organized by the Border Roads Organization (BRO).
●    Addressing the program, Dr. Bhamre said that road infrastructure plays an important role in attracting foreign investment and attracting foreign countries to the mainland, creating the country's development, employment generation.
●    The infrastructure of roads in the Himalayas has special significance, because it is the only means of transport and development of the residents of this region.
●    From the point of view of security, the role of roads used in all seasons becomes even more important.
●    Dr. Bhamre said that many challenges have to be faced in the construction of road network in upper-Himalayan regions.
●    The only solution in many areas is to build a tunnel.
●    Therefore, construction of tunnels for road and rail networks in the Himalayan region is of particular importance, although initially it seems highly expensive.
●    Dr. Subhash Bhamre further said that the country is progressing rapidly in the field of tunnel construction for roads and railways.

Integrated Quarter Master Package (IQMP) software application released for Indian Army

Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General Sharat Chand released Integrated Quarter Master Package (IQMP) software application for the Indian Army in a program held on 2 November 2017 in South Block.
●    IQMP is web based software developed by the Army Software Development Center in collaboration with M / s TCS Limited.
●    This application is related to the logistics requirements of a military unit.
●    This application will replace applications like 'Clothing' and 'Quarter Master Package'.
●    There are 13 modules in this package, which will meet the military unit level logistic requirements at the level of automation.
●    Various types of military units can be changed according to this application and data and other information can be shared.
●    The purpose of developing the software is to bring speed, stability and transparency in the logistics context at the military unit level.
●    This will help in effective logistics management and decision making and thus help the military units to get ready for the war.

Current Affairs 2nd November 2017: GLOBAL NEWS

Dharmendra Pradhan will attend the Round Table Meeting of 7th Asian Energy Ministers

The Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas Shri Dharmendra Pradhan today concluded a two-day visit to Bangkok where he participated in the Round Table Meeting of 7th Asian Energy Ministers organized by the International Energy Forum (IEF).
●    India is currently the Chairman of the IEF, which is the largest intergovernmental organization in the oil and gas sector of 72 member countries where 90 per cent of global supply and demand of oil and gas is met.
●    Member countries include developing, developing, OPEC, non-OPEC and G-20 countries.
●    18 countries of G20 countries are members of the IEF.
●    During his visit Shri Pradhan met the Ministers of Petroleum and Natural Gas from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Thailand, Bahrain, Brunei, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Kuwait, Yemen and other countries.
●    Addressing a full session on natural gas, he outlined the importance of recovering from market and policy barriers and moving towards a flexible, transparent and non-discriminatory global LNG business system.
●    He also underlined the efforts of the government to move towards a gas based economy and in terms of opportunities for foreign direct investment (FDI) in the construction of infrastructure for gas including LNG Terminal, Pipeline, CGD etc.

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Important Current Affairs 1st November 2017

Important Current Affairs 1st November 2017

Current Affairs 1st November 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

President inaugurates World Clubfoot Conference

President Ramnath Kovind inaugurated the first global clubfoot conference organized by Kyuri India in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in Delhi on 01 November 2017.

●    Clubsfoot bone is a malfunction that occurs from the time of birth.
●    If it is not treated at the beginning, it can lead to disability.
●    It affects the child's confidence.
●    This has adverse effects on child schooling.
●    Disability affects 10 million people in India.
●    Divas should also have equal opportunities in every field.
●    Many types of disability can be treated or prevented.
●    The task of defense, treatment and involvement in the mainstream should be equally.
●    New cases of poliomyelitis have not come to light and it has been completely eliminated.
●    In the last 6 years, no case of paralysis poliomyelitis has come up.

Approval of amendment to the National Teacher Training Act, 1993

Under the chairmanship of Narendra Modi, the Union Cabinet has given its approval for the amendment in the National Teacher Training Act, 1993, to present this bill in Parliament under the National Teacher Training (Amendment) Act, 2017.

●    In this, there is a provision to give recognition to the Central / State / Universities that operate teacher training courses without retrospective effect.
●    In this amendment, there is a provision to give recognition to the institutions / universities funded by the Center / State / Union Territory, running the teacher training courses without the NCEE accreditation, till the academic session 2017-2018.
●    It is being recognized as one-stop measurement of the Geological Survey, so that these institutions have passed.
●    With this amendment, students who have already studied in these institutions / universities or have already passed there will be eligible for employment as a teacher.

Nitin Gadkari launches digital ship of steel cargo

Mr. Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister of Water Resources, Road Transport and Highways, Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Conservation, today launched the digital cable of 230,000 tonnes of steel cargo going to Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Kochi from the coastal sea route via Wyjec Port.
●    In his address on this occasion, the Minister said that Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL) was sending its product to 22 stock yards through road and rail transport so far.
●    The coastal sea route will now save 380 million tonnes of kilometer compared to the railways every year.
●    This will reduce transportation costs.
●    This is important because RINL has doubled its production capacity (6.3 million tonnes).
●    Manufacturers should use coastal sea routes.
●    Located near RINL port.
●    It has signed a one-year agreement with Visakhapatnam to send steel to its yards in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Kochi.
●    The Rs 75-crore agreement is with Shreyas Shipping, a member of Trans World Group of Dubai.

Current Affairs 1st November 2017: ECONOMICS

India and Ethiopia approves trade agreement

Under the chairmanship of Narendra Modi, the Union Cabinet has given its official approval to trade agreement between India and Ethiopia for strengthening and promoting trade and economic cooperation.

●    India's Presidential visit to Ethiopia from October 4 to 6, 2017
●    This trade agreement was signed on October 5, 2017 during this visit.
●    This trade agreement was signed in 1982, and the current trading agreement will replace it.
●    In this trade agreement, all necessary measures have been made for promotion in the trade, economic cooperation, investment and technical sector.

EESL launches a $454 million project in partnership 
with GEF

Given the efforts of India in complying with the creation of low emissions economy and energy efficiency programs, Global Environment Facility (GEF) has started a partnership with Energy Efficient Services Limited (EESL) under the Ministry of Energy here today.
●    This project will receive a total fund of $ 454 million.
●    GEL will give $ 20 million in grants and $ 434 million will be in the form of debt and equity.
●    This includes a $ 200 million loan given by Asian Development Bank.
●    On this occasion, Energy Secretary Shri Ajay Kumar Bhalla said that at present two thirds of India's energy production is based on fossil fuel (fossil fuels).
●    He said that India's goal is to become 40 percent of the total capacity by 2030 on clean energy resources.

Current Affairs 1st November 2017: INTERNATIONAL RELATION

Agreement between the government of the Republic of India and the Government of Armenia Republic

Under the chairmanship of Narendra Modi, the Union Cabinet has given its approval for signing and agreement on the agreement between the Government of the Republic of India and Government of Armenia on cooperation and mutual assistance in customs matters.
●    The national legal requirements required for this agreement have been fulfilled.
●    This agreement can help in the prevention, combat and investigation of information related to exchange of information and intelligence between customs authorities and customs duty and facilitate legal business.
●    This proposed agreement will facilitate a legal framework for exchange of information and intelligence between the two customs authorities of the two countries.
●    The text of this draft format has been finalized with the consent of both the Customs administrations.
●    In the format of the agreement, attention has been paid to the concerns and expectations of Indian Customs, especially the declared value of customs duty and the authenticity of the original certificates of exchange of goods between the two countries.

Current Affairs 1st November 2017: SCHEME

Cabinet approves the continuation of the current central sponsored scheme National Agricultural Development Scheme

Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the centrally sponsored Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) as RKVY-speed for three years i.e. 2017-18 to 2019-20.

●    The financial allocation will be Rs. 15, 722 crores on this plan, which aims at strengthening the efforts of the farmer, through reducing risk, making the work of agriculture economically viable and promoting agricultural business entrepreneurship.
●    RKVY-RAFTAAR funds will be made available to states in the form of grants in the ratio of 60:40 between the Center and the States through the following medium.
●    Regular RKVY-RAFTAAR, including 70 percent of the annual outlay to be allocated to the states as a grant for the following activities.
●    Basic amenities and assets with 50 percent of regular RKVY-RAFTAAR outlay.
●    Production projects related to value addition with 30% of regular RKVY-RAFTAAR.

Current Affairs 1st November 2017: DAYS AND DATES

Army Aviation Corps celebrated 32rd Foundation Day

Army Aviation Corps celebrated its 32nd Raising Day on November 01, 2017.

●    A wreath-laying ceremony was organized on Amar Jawan Jyoti of India Gate on this occasion.
●    Lt Gen Kanwal Kumar, Director General, Colonel Commandant and Army Aviation Corps wreaths.
●    Apart from this, officials and military personnel also wore wreaths.
●    Army Aviation Corps, the Indian Army's Aerial Menu twer, has provided vital aviation assistance to our troops on the border.
●    At the time of National Disaster, it has also played an important role in helping the common citizens.

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Important Current Affairs 31st October2017

Important Current Affairs 31st October 2017

Current Affairs 31st October 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

Prime Minister launches "Run for Unity"

President Ramnath Kovind, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented a wreath on the statue of Sardar Patel at Patel Chowk in New Delhi on the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.
●    After this, the Prime Minister flagged off "Run for Unity" from Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium.
●    Narendra Modi remembered his contributions in the contribution of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, in particular the unity of the country.
●    The Prime Minister said that the youth of India respects Sardar Patel and his contribution in the creation of our nation.
●    India is proud of its diversity and opportunities like "Run for Unity" give us the opportunity to reinforce the feeling of pride and unity.
●    Prime Minister also administers oath to the participants.

Dharmendra Pradhan will attend 7th Asia Ministers Level Energy Round Table Conference
Central Petroleum and Natural Gas and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Minister Dharmendra Pradhan will visit Bangkok on 01 and 02 November 2017 in Thailand, where he will participate in the 7th Asia Ministers Level Energy Round Table Conference (AMER 7) of IEF.
●    India is currently the President of the International Energy Forum.
●    It is also the organizer of this conference.
●    Or the conference takes place at a gap of two years.
●    The energy ministers and experts from Asian countries participate in this conference.
●    In this conference, the Minister will be attending the Ministerial Round Table Conference.
●    They will talk about 'entering the golden age of gas while facing the challenge of natural gas markets and policies'.
●    The energy minister of Qatar and Brunei and the senior representatives of Japan's Economy, Trade and Industry, ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) will also talk about this.
●    Energy Minister of Saudi Arabia, Russia, UAE, Thailand, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bangladesh,

Malaysia and Brunei are also attending the conference.

Vice Admiral Karambir Singh became the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief of Eastern Naval Command

Vice Admiral Karambir Singh, AVSM took the responsibility of the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Eastern Naval Command on October 31, 2017.
●    He was given a salute at the Naval base in New Delhi today.
●    He inspected the platoons of naval personnel in ships and establishments of Eastern Naval Command.
●    Vice Admiral HCS Bisht retired after 40 years of service.
●    Indian Navy Organized 'Pulling Out' in their farewell program.
●    Karambir Singh joined the Navy in July 1980
●    He was trained with the National Defense Academy Khadakwasla.
●    In 1982, he became a helicopter pilot.
●    Admiral Karambir Singh also received the Extreme Service Medal from the President.

Meeting of Consultative Committee of Ministry of Power

A meeting of the Consultative Committee attached to the Ministry of Power, New and Renewable Energy was held today in Guwahati.
●    This meeting was chaired by the Union Minister of State for Power, New and Renewable Energy (Independent Charge), Shri R.K. Singh
●    The committee reviewed the functioning of NHPC Limited and Solar Rooftop and Solar Pump Program.
●    Singh said that we need clean energy for economic development.
●    Singh said that the hydroelectric power plants are sustainable, which provides electricity for long periods of time.
●    Therefore, there is a need to encourage hydroelectric projects.
●    The meeting of the Consultative Committee began with a presentation on NHPC Ltd by its Chairman and Managing Director Shri Balram Joshi.

SEBI suspends Eminence Infra directors

Sebi has banned Eminence Infra projects and its five directors of Kolkata for at least four years.
●    Apart from this, it has been instructed to return the amount raised without acknowledging the public issue rules.
●    SEBI said in the order of October 30 that these directors will not be able to relate to any listed company for four years from the date of order.
●    All these directors can not return before returning their money.
●    Restricted directors are Somnath Banerjee, Apu Halder, Supriya Roy, Tarun Kumar Das and Kaushik Mukherjee.
●    SEBI found in its investigation that the company had raised Rs 39 lakh during 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-12.
●    Since these shares were issued to more than 50 people, in this case it becomes a public issue .
●    The company had to list it on a recognized exchange.
●    The company did not follow this rule.

K.J. Alfons Launches Student Science Manthan Mobile App

In order to encourage the study of science, technology and mathematics in school students, on November 26, the science talent search examination - Student Science Manthan - will be organized across the country.
●    This program is being organized by scientists and experts related to science dissemination.
●    Science dissemination, science and technology department are An autonomous organization under NCERT and Vision Bharti.
●    Union Minister of Electronics and Information Technology and Tourism Shri K.J. Alfons today launched a Mobile App (VVM) in the National Capital.
●    On this occasion, he said that for the better future, the student science manthan will provide a platform for the young generation of India to study science and technology.
●    He said that today's students should study digital technology and science
●    Vision Bharati, Secretary General of the Department, Mr. Jai Kumar informed about various dimensions of VVM and urged the students to practice this examination on their mobile.

Current Affairs 31st October 2017: REPORTS AND RANKING

 India's ranking in ease of doing business improved

In a report released by the World Bank on Tuesday, India has made a big leap in the ease of doing business .
●    With 30-point jump, India has now reached number 100.
●    Finance Minister Arun Jaitley did a press conference and informed about it.
●    He said that the World Bank has appreciated India's performance.
●    He said that India is one of the top 10 countries to improve.
●    He said that in terms of security of small shareholders, India has reached the fourth place.
●    In terms of providing credits for business, India is ranked 29th.
●    In terms of giving electricity connections for businesses, India's ranking is 29th.
●    While India's ranking in tax fare is 119,
●    India was ranked 172 in paying taxes, but now India has made a jump of 53 points.
●    In terms of settling insolvency, India reached number 103.

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Important Current Affairs 30th October 2017

Important Current Affairs 30th October 2017

Current Affairs 30th October 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

Vice Admiral Ajit Kumar P, AVSM VSM assumes charge as the Vice Chief of Naval Staff (VCNS) 

Vice Admiral Ajit Kumar P, AVSM, VSM has assumed charge as the Vice Chief of Naval Staff from Vice Admiral Karambir Singh AVSM at a formal ceremony held this morning at South Block, New Delhi. 
●    Vice Admiral Karambir Singh proceeds to Visakhapatnam and is scheduled to take over as Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief Eastern Naval Command on 31 Oct 17.
●    Vice Admiral Ajit Kumar P, AVSM, VSM is an alumni of the National Defence Academy. 
●    The Flag Officer was commissioned in the Indian Navy on 01 Jul 81 and is a specialist in Missiles & Gunnery. 
●    The Flag Officer has had extensive operational tenures onboard frontline warships of the Indian Navy. 
●    He has had the distinction of having commanded six seagoing platforms which include the guided missile corvette Kulish (commissioning), the guided missile frigate Talwar, the guided missile destroyers Mumbai and Mysore. 
●    The officer has done the Naval Higher Command Course and is also an alumni of the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island, USA.

The Government of India and World Bank sign $200 Million Loan Agreement for the Assam Agribusiness and Rural Transformation Project

The Government of India and the World Bank today signed a $200 million Loan Agreement for the Assam Agribusiness and Rural Transformation Project. 
●    The Project will support the Government of Assam to facilitate agri-business investments, increase agriculture productivity and market access, and enable small farm holders produce crops that are resilient to recurrent floods or droughts in the state. 
●    After the Agreement, Mr Khare, Joint Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance said that Assam is simplifying several regulatory procedures related to doing business, agricultural marketing, and fisheries amongst others. 
●    He said that the project will help the State increase agricultural productivity by strengthening the farming systems, raise private sector investments to promote agri-enterprises which will create better job opportunities for the youth in the State. 
●    The Project will be implemented in over 16 Districts of Assam. 
●    Over 500,000 farming households will directly benefit from the Project. 
●    At least 30 percent women are expected to participate in project activities. 
●    Specific focus will be given to women-led enterprises and their participation in the decision-making process of farmer producer organizations. 

Government approved Rs.25,000 crores package for Police Modernization

The Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh today asked the young police officers to brace themselves up for terrorist threats emerging from the cyber world. 
●    Addressing the Passing Out Parade of IPS Probationers at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA) in Hyderabad, Shri Rajnath Singh said the world is today grappling with the menace of terrorism and extremism; internet is being used by organisations like the ISIS to spread hate. 
●    We are not untouched by this menace, he added. 
●    The Union Home Minister, however, expressed satisfaction, saying our Intelligence and Security Agencies have been successful in countering these sinister designs. 
●    Central Government is all committed to strengthen the security structure of the country. 
●    He said we know that State Police Forces need Central Government help to tackle the present problems and all that might arise in future. 
●    We need to work towards Modernisation of Police Forces. 
●    Keeping this in mind our Government last month approved a Rs.25,000 crores package for Police Modernization, he added. 

MHA gives a boost to “Make in India” in the field of manufacturing of arms 

The Ministry of Home Affairs has liberalised the Arms Rules to boost “Make in India” manufacturing policy of the Government as also to promote employment generation in the field of manufacturing of arms and ammunition.
●    The liberalisation of the Arms Rules will encourage investment in the manufacturing of arms and ammunition and weapon systems as part of the “Make in India” programme. 
●    The liberalised rules are expected to encourage the manufacturing activity and facilitate availability of world class weapons to meet the requirement of Armed Forces and Police Forces in sync with country’s defence indigenization programme. 
●    The salient features of the liberalised rules are:
●    The licence granted for manufacturing shall not be valid for the lifetime of the licensee company. 
●    The requirement of renewal of the license after every 5 years has been done away with.
●    Similarly, condition that the small arms and light weapons produced by manufacturer shall be sold to the Central Government or the State Governments with the prior approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs has been done away with.

Shri Giriraj Singh launches MSME Delayed Payment Portal – MSME Samadhaan 

Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Shri Giriraj Singh launched MSME Delayed Payment Portal – MSME Samadhaan here today, empowering micro and small entrepreneurs across the country to directly register their cases relating to delayed payments by Central Ministries/Departments/CPSEs/State Governments. 
●    Shri Arun Kumar Panda, Secretary, Ministry of MSME along with other dignitaries and senior officials from the Ministry were also present.
●    Speaking on the occasion, Shri Giriraj Singh said that the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development (MSMED) Act, 2006 contains provisions to deal with cases of delayed payment to Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs). 
●    As per the provisions, the buyer is liable to pay compound interest with monthly rests to the supplier on the amount at three times of the bank rate notified by Reserve Bank in case he does not make payment to the supplier for the supplies of goods or services within 45 days of the day of acceptance of the goods/service or the deemed day of acceptance.
●    The Portal will give information about the pending payment of MSEs with individual CPSEs / Central Ministries, State Governments, etc. 
●    The CEO of PSEs and the Secretary of the Ministries concerned will also be able to monitor the cases of delayed payment under their jurisdiction and issue necessary instructions to resolve the issues. 
●    The portal will greatly facilitate the monitoring of the delayed payment in a more effective manner. 

8th National Painting Competition on Water Conservation and Pollution for school children 

Central Ground Water Board under Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation will be organizing 8th National Painting Competition on Water Conservation and Pollution for school students of 6th, 7th and 8th Standards. 
●    Theme for this year’s painting competition is, “Use water with more care-save our future generation”.
●    School Principals have been requested to organise Painting competition of two hrs. duration for 6th, 7th and 8th standards students in their schools on above mentioned theme preferably on A-4 size paper. 
●    The school principals would select three best paintings and send to the nodal officer so as to reach him along with the list of total number of participants not later than December 15, 2017. 
●    Students who have won first, second and third prize in earlier competitions are not eligible for participation. 
●    The consolation prize winners may participate but they would be considered for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize only at the State level Painting competition. 
●    Best 50 painting will be selected out of paintings received from School level competition by a board of Jury of State level Painting Competition to be held in January, 2018. 

The Vice President of India awards Ministry of Railways for creation of an IT enabled organization wide infrastructure in Railway tendering and contractual matters. 

The Vice-President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu awarded Ministry of Railways, for outstanding contribution in IT initiative for Transparency in the organization, for creation of an IT enabled organization wide infrastructure in railway tendering and contractual matters to enhance transparency and clarity in processes, today at Vigyan Bhavan. 
●    Minister of State for Development of North Eastern Region (I/C), Prime Minister’s Office, Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh, Cabinet Secretary, Shri P K Sinha, Chief Vigilance Commissioner, Shri K V Chowdary, and other dignitaries were present on the occasion. 
●    The award was received by Shri Rajaram Prasad,(GM/MMIS/CRIS), who has been the prime mover behind the effort.
●    This award programme at Vigyan Bhawan was organised by Central Vigilance Commission as a part of Inaugural function of Vigilance Awareness Week-2017.
●    As a result of this IT initiative, Railways has been able to achieve 100% e-tendering for procurement and 100% e-auction for disposal of scrap in a secure, transparent and easy manner, with information and status accessibility to all the stakeholders at the click of a button. 
●    This has substantially mitigated the risk of corruption involved in these areas, simultaneously providing the environment of Transparency, Ease of doing business and Fair Business Practice.
●    Indian Railways’ e-procurement portal (IREPS) is the largest e-procurement platform in India handling almost 2/3rd of the total Government tenders. 

Current Affairs 30th October 2017: INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS

Exercise Indra-2017 Concluded in Vladivostok 

The Indo-Russian military Exercise 'Indra-2017' culminated today at Vladivostok after eleven days of joint training in counter-terrorism operations. 
●    After intense and exacting military training, the joint exercise concluded with a closing ceremony, wherein both the contingents showcased their immense talents with unique traditional touches. 
●    The grand closing ceremony at Vladivostok which comprised of personnel of both contingents was witnessed by senior officials and dignitaries of both countries including His Excellency Ambassador of India to the Russian Federation Shri Pankaj Saran. 
●    Personnel from the Indian as well as Russian contingents were awarded medals of excellence for their outstanding performance during the exercise. 
●    Fighters and Helicopters co-piloted by Indian and Russian pilots took part in the flypast along with an IAF IL-76 aircraft. 
●    In the joint tactical exercise which began on 19 October 2017, the two countries conducted training focused on combating terrorism. 

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Important Current Affairs 29th October 2017

Important Current Affairs 29th October 2017

Current Affairs 29th October 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

Railways to invest $150 billion

The Railways is looking to invest over $150 billion over the next five years which would help create one million additional jobs, minister Piyush Goyal has said.
●    Goyal, who took over as the rail minister after a Cabinet reshuffle in August, said he was trying to give the national transporter a "new direction".
●    "During the next five years, the Railways alone will be looking at an investment of upwards of $150 billion. 
●    And when I translate that into jobs, I see a million jobs being created only through investments in the railway sector," he said.
●    The Railways can play an important role in "aggressively pursuing" government agenda to provide safe, secure, comfortable travel, he said addressing an awards function organised by the business daily Economic Times late last night.
●    A focus on infrastructure could also help increase local manufacturing, he said.
●    Goyal said his ministry was also compressing the time taken for complete electrification of rail lines to four years from the earlier plan of 10 years, which would help cut costs by around 30 per cent for the loss-making Railways.
●    This electrification initiative would help save the national transporter around Rs 10,000 crore per annum on fuel bill, he said.
●    Earlier this month, Goyal had said the Railways would create one million jobs within the next 12 months.
●    In 2015, his predecessor Suresh Prabhu had said the Railways needed investments of Rs 8.5 trillion over the next five years, and invited overseas investors for the same.
●    Prabhu had also secured a debt funding worth Rs 1.5 trillion from Life Insurance Corporation to fund various projects.
●    It is not clear whether Goyal's $150 billion is part of Prabhu's Rs 8.5 trillion investments.

Air Deccan, Air Odisha to get 10 slots at Delhi airport

Air Deccan and Air Odisha will get a total of 10 slots at the Delhi airport for their flights under the regional connectivity scheme, according to officials. 
●    Both airlines bagged a significant number of routes in the first round of bidding under the ambitious RCS, which seeks to connect unserved and underserved airports.
●    Together, Air Deccan and Air Odisha were looking for 16 slots for their proposed RCS flights from the airport here. 
●    After extensive stakeholder discussions, DIAL has agreed to provide a total of 10 slots to the two airlines.
●    When contacted, a DIAL spokesperson said, “DIAL has agreed to 10 slots for Air Deccan and Air Odisha under the regional connectivity scheme.” 
●    One of the officials said Air Deccan and Air Odisha would get six and four slots, respectively. 
●    Air Deccan was seeking 10 slots while Air Odisha’s requirement was for six. 
●    Since the number of slots being offered is less than required, both airlines would have to reduce the number of flights they plan to operate from the national capital, the official added.
●    Each airline would get one night parking slot. 

Essar Group, Tatas, ArcelorMittal eye Essar Steel

Top global players including Tata Steel, Essar Group and ArcelorMittal are learnt to have submitted bids to acquire debt-laden Essar Steel which is going through the insolvency resolution process.
●    Essar Steel India Ltd, an integrated steel producer with an installed capacity of 10 million tonne per annum (MTPA) is undergoing Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (CIRP) under the provisions of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.
●    The expression of interest (EoI) for the company was invited by October 23.
●    "Essar Group has submitted EoI for Essar Steel. 
●    A resolution plan will be submitted to IRP within the scheduled time frame," an Essar Group Spokesperson said.
●    Asked about the rationale for bidding, the spokesperson said IBC allows promoters to bid for their company at the NCLT and there are no limitations.
●    He added that the entire process is on purely commercial basis and the final selection is done based on the highest bid offered for the NCLT company.
●    "This practice of promoters being permitted to bid in bankruptcy/insolvency cases is prevalent in the US, UK and many developed and developing countries," the spokesperson said.

Govt. has asked coal India to enhance its production

Keeping in mind the strong demand of coal, Central government company coal India Ltd CIL has decided to increase the coal production.
●    coal distribution of 16 million tons per day is going to be increased to 20 million tons per day. 
●    The government has given this directive to Coal India at a time when power plants in the country are battling coal crisis.
●    Coal Secretary Sushil Kumar said, "The demand for coal is strong ... we have asked Coal to produce and distribute 2 million tonne of coal per day."
●    At present, Coal India distributes nearly 1.6 million tonnes of coal.
●    Therefore, Coal India has been targeted to produce and distribute 2 million tonne of coal per day.
●    Kumar has expressed confidence that in view of the monsoon, Coal India will be able to achieve the target.
●    He said that the power sector, which was done in the month of August, is 14.4 per cent higher than the corresponding month of last year, and in September it was 22 per cent more than the same period last year.

Telangana govt prepares draft policy on electric vehicles

The Telangana government has prepared a draft policy on electric vehicles which proposes benefits for manufacturers and to put in place the necessary support system towards embracing the new mode of transport.
●    The policy has three components -- for manufacturers, users and support mechanisms, an official said.
●    The second component in the draft policy is about the support for users who want to shift to electric vehicles from regular vehicles, Ranjan said.
●    "Suppose I am using a regular car. If I want to shift to an electric vehicle, what kind of support I will get," he said.
●    "The third component is about infrastructure. Because, to sustain electric vehicles, you require charging infrastructure. 
●    Who will build that charging infrastructure; if some private sector person is coming to build it up, what kind of support they will get. That will also be covered in the policy," the official said.
●    The draft policy has guidelines on facilitating the public transport to shift to the electric mode, Ranjan said.
●    "Finally, there will be something on public transport. What has been seen the world over is that moving a city into electric vehicle has to come from the leadership of the public transport providers," he said.

Niti Aayog to finalise National Energy Policy soon

Government think-tank Niti Aayog will soon finalise the National Energy Policy (NEP) and take it to the Union Cabinet, a top official said. 
●    The Aayog had released the draft National Energy Policy in June this year. 
●    “We will finalise the National Energy Policy in the next 10 days and will send it to the Cabinet,” the Niti Aayog official said.
●    In its draft report, the government think tank has said that India’s energy demand is likely to soar around three times by 2040, leading to increase in overall primary energy imports. 
●    It had also made a case for a single regulator to govern India’s energy market to make ‘India’s economy energy ready’ by the year 2040.
●    Another senior Niti Aayog official said the Aayog has finalised National Medical Commission Bill (NMC), 2016 and has sent it to the Cabinet.
●    Last year, a high-level committee, headed by the then Niti Aayog Vice-Chairman Arvind Panagariya, looked into the issue of poor regulation of medical education by Medical Council of India (MCI) and had proposed replacing MCI with NMC.

Centre approves Rs 40,000 crore for Army to directly buy weapons for ‘short and intense war’

Amid tension on borders with Pakistan and China, the Centre has allowed the Army to make ‘emergency procurements,’ without going through the red-tape, to be prepared for a ‘short and intense war’.
●    A notification issued by the government last week empowered Vice Chief of the Army to make hardware procurements up to Rs 40 thousand crore to meet critical deficiencies. 
●    Army has identified critical deficiencies in 46 types of ammunition and certain spares for 10 types of weapon platforms.
●    According to Defence Ministry sources, after the Uri attack, an internal audit was conducted to review Army’s preparedness.
●    Though the Special Forces carried out ‘surgical strikes’ 10 days later, the audit exposed several lapses in Army’s critical procurement in order to fight a ‘short and intense war’— that would last 15 days.

ONGC holds board meeting

State-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) has become India’s first company to hold a meeting of its board of directors at high sea when its top officials assembled at an oil installation in the Arabian Sea to approve second quarter earnings.
●    ONGC’s new Chairman Shashi Shanker convened the company’s 299th board meeting at a platform on the Mumbai High field yesterday to approve the second quarter earnings among other things, officials said.
●    “The idea was to familiarise the independent directors, most of whom are new to the unique oil and gas exploration and production business, to offshore operations,” an official said.
●    ONGC produces more than 80 per cent of its oil and gas from offshore fields with Mumbai High, off the coast of Maharashtra, being the biggest.
●    The company is betting big on quickly putting to production untapped discoveries as well as rejuvenating ageing fields offshore to raise crude oil production by 4 million tonnes and almost double natural gas output by 2021-22 to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s target of cutting India’s import dependence by 10 per cent.
●    The state-owned firm plans to raise crude oil production from 22.6 million tonnes in 2017-18 to 26.42 million tonnes in 2021-22. 

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