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Important Current Affairs 12th DECEMBER 2017

Important Current Affairs 12th DECEMBER 2017

Current Affairs 12th DECEMBER 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

Issue of new guidelines on the possession of narcotics or drugs

Guidelines for awarding prizes to officers, information providers and others for regularizing the payment to the government officials and awardees (informant) on October 10, 2017, to the Government of India - 2017 Issued a new award guidelines.
●    According to this policy, any officer will be given a prize of Rs. 20,00,000 in his entire lifetime and 50,000 rupees at one time.
●    Although a maximum of Rs.2,00,000 rupees can also be given to a person in exceptional cases by the top central prize committee.
●    If the chemical laboratory investigation report is found positive, then 50 percent of the amount of total payable award will be payable in the precondition.
●    According to this policy, the awarding authority will keep several things in mind while awarding the information to the informant, such as the correct information, the amount of risk, the information provider who gave help and what the informer has Also give some clues about the person involved in the drug trafficking racket.
●    A coordinating agency has been formed to act on the proposal to award the award to other central and state agencies working in the field of drug restraints, to the Swap Control Bureau, Home Ministry.

Guidelines for the purchase of wind energy through tariff based on competitive bidding

The Government has issued guidelines under Section 63 of the Electricity Act, 2003 in which transparency procedure of the bid is outlined for the purchase of wind energy in which the standardization of the process, role assessment and responsibilities of different stakeholders have been included.
●    The purpose of these guidelines is to enable distribution licensees to afford wind power at affordable rates in competitive prices.
●    These guidelines will be applicable to the bid for wind power project connected to the grid-connected wind power project (WPP) -
For inter-state projects, at least 5 megawatts of a bid capacity of at least 25 megawatts; And
●    For inter-state projects, at least 50 MW of bid capacity of 50 MW will be on one site.
●    In the main points of the guidelines, the risks involved between the various stakeholders through grants unavailability and provisions for compensation, better payment security arrangements, standardization of bidding process, changes in law, unexpected event, risk management framework, buyer and default by the producer In case of going, concrete steps etc.
●    These guidelines will encourage the wind energy sector as it will help the State where the strong winds are moving, can avail the opportunity to participate in the bid for the purchase of wind energy.

Mahesh Sharma led an Indian delegation to UNWTO / UNESCO in the Second World Tourism and Culture Conference organized in Muscat.

Union Minister of State for Culture (Independent Charge) and Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Minister Dr. Mahesh Sharma at the Second World Tourism and Culture Conference organized by the United Nations World Tourism Organization / UNESCO Muscat in Oman on December 11 and 12, 2017. 
●    The Indian delegation led the delegation.
●    Continuous Nutritional Development is the main theme of this conference.
●    Speaking on the theme of tourism, culture and sustainable development during the Ministerial level talks, Dr. Mahesh Sharma said that India's vision is to develop development while preserving nature and Indian cultural heritage.
●    The other main theme of the conference is the recognition of culture and tourism, development and cultural heritage, urban development and creativity and cultural sites in the field of culture and tourism as a component of peace and prosperity.
●    The agenda of 2030 was also finalized in the conference.
●    During his mascot visit, Dr. Mahesh Sharma also discussed bilateral cooperation between India and Oman in the field of culture and tourism.
●    He discussed the mutual cooperation in tourism sector with the tourism minister of Oman, Mr. Ahmed bin Nasser bin Hamad Al-Meherji and finalized a Memorandum of Understanding.
●    Oman's people travel to India due to being familiar with India and for medical and treatment.


19th International Workshop on Physics of Semiconductor Equipments: IWPSD-2007

Mr. A.S.Kiran Kumar, Secretary, ISRO's Chairman and Department of Space today duly inaugurated the four-day 19th International Workshop (IWPSD-2007) on Physics of Semiconductor Equipments here.
●    The main objective of this workshop is to provide an international platform for discussions on research and development in the field of semiconductor for electronics, VLSI technology, sensor, gallium nitride, crystal development, photoflex, biological semiconductor, computer calculation.
●    Special emphasis was placed on the role of semiconductor in defense, interior and other applications.
●    Major enterprises working in the field of research and development of semiconductor have demonstrated their products.
●    A special enterprise session was also organized. Its aim was to encourage Make in India while exploring possibilities of building semiconductor and electronic chip in India.
●    In his address, Shri A. S. Kiran Kumar stressed the need to create and adopt indigenous technology and adopt it.
●    Giving information, he said that many devices used in space missions are made by GAETC, a unit of DRDO.
●    The program was chaired by Dr. S. Christopher, Secretary, DRDO and Secretary of Defense (R & D) Department.

Current Affairs 12th DECEMBER 2017: SPORTS

Col. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore honored former captain Gurdesh Singh Gill of Indian football team

Former Indian captain Gurdev Singh Gill was honored here today for his contribution to the field of Indian football. 
●    On this occasion, the Minister of State (Independent Charge) of Youth Affairs and Sports, Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore gave him a check of Shawl, Souvenirs and Rs. 5 lakhs.
●    This program was held to honor Mr. Gurdev Singh Gill as he was in Canada at the time when Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi honored the captains of Indian football teams who played in Asian Games.
●    The honor of Indian captains by the Prime Minister was made during the FIFA Under-17 World Cup in New Delhi on October 6, 2017.
●    After the ceremony, Shri Gurdev Singh said that he is happy to see the encouragement given to football in the country, because the FIFA Under 17 World Cup has attracted the attention of youth and school students especially in the country.
●    He expressed his gratitude to the government for honoring former soccer players.
●    67 year old Gurdev Singh, the Arjuna award winner, was captain of the Indian football team in Bangkok in 1978.

Current Affairs 12th DECEMBER 2017: GLOBAL NEWS

India will host the 3rd annual meeting of the Asian Board of Directors of the Infrastructure Investment Bank

India will host the 3rd annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank's Board of Directors between Mumbai and Mumbai between 25 and 26 June 2018.
●    The subject of this meeting of 2018 is - Financing of Finances: Innovation and Cooperation.
●    A Memorandum of Understanding was signed today to determine the duties and responsibilities of the key partners involved in organizing the above mentioned annual meeting between the Government of India and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) Secretariat.
●    On behalf of the Government of India signed a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Mr. Sameer Kumar Khare, Joint Secretary (Multilateral Institution Division), Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), Ministry of Finance, and AIIB, Mr. A.D.I. Vice President and Corporate Secretary Mr. Danny Alexander.
●    Signature functions were held in the Ministry of Finance, located in North Block, New Delhi.
●    On this occasion Subhash Chandra Garg, Secretary (Economic Affairs), Dr. MM Kutty, Additional Secretary (Economic Affairs) and many senior officials of Government of India and AIIB were present.
●    On this occasion, Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs, Shri Subhash Chandra Garg said that it is very important that India is organizing the third annual meeting of AIIB in Mumbai.

Current Affairs 12th DECEMBER 2017: DAYS AND DATES

National Energy Conservation Day will be celebrated on December 14, 2017

Hon'ble President Shri Ramnath Kovind will be the Chief Guest of the National Energy Conservation Day celebration celebrated on December 14, 2017 in New Delhi.
●    On this occasion, the Minister of State for Power and New and Renewable Energy (Independent Charge) Shri Raj Kumar Singh will also be present.
●    The Energy Efficiency Bureau (BEE) under the Ministry of Power celebrates National Energy Conservation Day on December 14 every year to spread public awareness about the importance of energy efficiency and conservation.
●    In spreading awareness, BEE offers national energy conservation award to recognize and encourage industries' efforts to reduce energy consumption.
●    BEE also rewards the national winners of the annual painting competition on energy conservation topics.
●    More than 1.22 crore children participated in National Painting Competition this year and 322 industrial units and establishments of key areas had participated in the National Energy Conservation Awards 2017.


Second Indo-Myanmar-Thailand Motor Rally

The second India-Myanmar-Thailand Friendship Motor Rally (IMT-2) successfully completed its first phase of Guwahati to Bangkok on December 3, 2017.
●    The rally began on November 25, 2017 from Guwahati.
●    A total of 50 participants, including 5 women, participated in 20 SUV trains in this rally.
●    The night stand was in Kohima and Imphal.
●    After this, Thailand's Minister (Commerce) Mr. Tharadol Thongruong showed a green flag to rally in the border town Moreah.
●    After this rally in Myanmar with Kala, Bagan, Mandalay, Yangon and Moulamein reached Bangkok on May 2 and Mayau Sot Border on December 2 and finally reached Bangkok on December 3.
●    The IMT2 motor rally was organized by Kalinga Motor Sports Club in collaboration with Mahindra Adventure.
●    Myanmar and Thailand embassies in India and Indian embassies located in Myanmar and Thailand have supported the rally.
●    Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, Ministry of External Affairs and Land Customs Departments also supported the rally.

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Important Current Affairs 11th DECEMBER 2017

Important Current Affairs 11th DECEMBER 2017

Current Affairs 11th DECEMBER 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

Ravi Shankar Prasad inaugurated the first "NIC-CERT"

Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Law and Justice, Electronics and Information Technology inaugurated "NIC-CERT" under the National Informatics Center of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (December 11, 2017) today.
●    During the inaugural ceremony, Shri Prasad said that under the Digital India initiative the government has made many of its services online.
●    He said that even though the online system has facilitated access to citizens to many government services, people should also be cautious about the hazards associated with cyberspace.
●    Shri Prasad said that recently the cyber attacks have risen, due to which the concerns of data stolen have increased, the government is preparing the draft of the Data Protection Act.
●    He said that the internet is growing very fast and it is involved in every person's life, therefore there is a need to strengthen the existing security structure.
●    He said that appreciating the remarkable work of the NIC, said that NIC has been working for the security of government cyberspace for a long time.
●    With the establishment of this center, NIC has elevated the level of experience and expertise.

Logo and tagline competition on 'National Nutrition Mission' of the Ministry of Women and Child Development

The Ministry of Women and Child Development has started the competition for designing a 'logo' for its important 'National Nutrition Mission' and suggesting a tagline.
●    This is a good opportunity for creative citizens who want to see the 'logo' they designed on the national platform.
●    Government of India has approved the National Nutrition Mission to ensure the overall development and adequate nutrition of pregnant women, mothers and children.
●    The goal of this program is to reduce the levels of stunting, malnutrition, anemia and low birth rate.
●    To create awareness among the citizens towards the mission, the need for an effective 'logo' and tagline was felt.
●    After this the competition is being organized. Women and Child Development Minister, Mrs. Menaka, Sanjay Gandhi has said that her ministry has always been an effort to engage with the citizens.
●    In view of this, the entries have been invited from the citizens.
●    There has been an encouraging response to such other competitions on the social media platform of the ministry, which is a proposal to award the prize of Rs. 1 lakh to the winner.

IBBI notified regulations for resolution of complaints and complaints

IBBI has notified the IBBI (Reporting and Complaint Management Process) Regulation, 2017 in the Gazette of India on December 7, 2017.
●    This rule enables a stakeholder to file a complaint against a service provider, bankrupt professional agency, bankruptcy professional, bankruptcy professional institution or information utility under the Indian Bankruptcy and Refusal disability code 2016 (Code).
●    At the same time, this regulation provides a transparent process for disposal of reports and complaints by IBBI.
●    Under this rule, the conduct of a stakeholder service provider can cause a complaint against the service provider for redressal of the pain caused by the operation of the service provider, whether it is financially or otherwise, due to the suffering.
●    A stakeholder can file a complaint in the specified form with a fee of two thousand five hundred rupees (2500 rupees).
●    In this context, the complainant is required to give details of the alleged violation of any provision under any rules or regulations or directions issued by IBB against any service provider or its related persons.
●    In addition to this, the evidence of alleged violation with the date and place of conduct or activity for the alleged conduct or activity of the service provider or its related persons has to be furnished.

Rahul Gandhi elected as Congress president

Rahul Gandhi today was elected the president of the 132-year-old Indian National Congress on Monday.
●    Since no one has filed nomination, hence on the last day of withdrawal of name, ie on Monday, he has been elected president of the unopposed.
●    By the way, his coronation as the Congress President will be on December 16.
●    The 47-year-old Rahul will be the sixth member of the Nehru-Gandhi family, who will be heading the Congress.
●    She has been learning the nuances of politics under the guidance of mother and current party president Sonia Gandhi since last 13 years.
●    For four years, his status in the organization has been second.


 Foreign Ministers of China & Russia met President Shri Ramnath Kovind

Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Mr. Sergey Lavrov and Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China Mr. Wang Yi presented the President of India Shri Ramnath Kovind at the Rashtrapati Bhawan today (December 11, 2017).
●    Welcoming the Foreign Minister and his delegation on the visit to India, the President said that bilateral relations between India and Russia are very strong.
●    A significant increase in mutual high-level interaction between the two countries has been recorded this year.
●    The President expressed happiness over the fact that in the first six months of the current year, a bilateral trade between India and Russia has registered a significant growth of 22 per cent.
●    He said that the rapid operation of the International North-South Transport Corridor could play a significant role in achieving the goals of bilateral trade between the two countries.
●    The president said that institutionalizing the Forum of Heads of the enlightened boards of India and Russia would be in the interest of both the countries.
●    The second session of this forum was held on 4-5 December in Delhi.
●    He said that we should continue our efforts to bring our enlightened boards (think-tank) and academic communities closer to each other.


Current Affairs 11th DECEMBER 2017: DEFENCE

Minister of Defense inaugurated web portal for online Indian Air Force Examination

The Minister of State for Defense, Shri Subhash Bhamre inaugurated a web portal for the Indian Air Force's online examination at Air Headquarters today.
●    On this occasion, he congratulated the IAF for contributing to the vision of 'Digital India' of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.
●    He congratulated the Indian Air Force for preparing the online examination system in collaboration with the Advanced Computing Development Center (C-DAC).
●    Air Marshal SB Deo PVSM, AVSM, VM, VSM, ADC, Vice Chief of Air Staff and other senior Air Force officials were also present on this occasion.
●    Indian Air Force is the first in three services, which has adopted the information technology based online testing system for the recruitment of officers and airmen cadres.
●    This proposal was approved by the Defense Minister in principle on October 24, 2016.
●    With the help of C-DAC, Indian Air Force is going to adopt an online exam system from January 2018.
●    For which online registration will begin from December 15, 2017.

Current Affairs 11th DECEMBER 2017: DAYS AND DATES

Universal Health Care Day, 2017

We are committed to pursue the agenda of universal health coverage in the country and we have launched various initiatives to fulfill this goal.Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Shri J.P. Nadda here today at a function organized for the purpose of celebrating Universal Health Care Day, 2017,
●    Minister of State for Finance, Shri S.P. Shukla was also present on this occasion.
●    The Union Health Minister and the Minister of State of Finance launched the 'Target' - the delivery cell for the health improvement initiatives as well as the safe delivery mobile app for the health workers who manage the normal and complex delivery of infants in peripheral areas. 
●    Operational Guidelines for Obstetrician High Dependence Units (HDU) and Intensive Care Units (ICU) also Issued.
●    Addressing the present participants, Shri Nadda said that this year has special significance because the National Health Policy 2017 has been approved, without which any financial difficulty has been envisaged to achieve the highest possible level of health.
●    He said that the government has taken concrete steps for the reduction of the additional expenditure (OOP) from patients in their pockets.
●    In 2014, the Mission Indrahanush was launched, which is one of the largest global public health initiatives.

Current Affairs 11th DECEMBER 2017: RANKING 

In the case of mobile internet speed, India ranks 109

Even after promoting lakhs of Internet to the Internet in the country, India has not been able to make its place in the world's top 100 countries in terms of mobile internet speed.
●    According to the November SpeedTest Global Index released by OAKAL, India's rankings are ranked 109th in the case of Mobile Internet Speed.
●    In this category Norway is at the top position.
●    In this area, if broadband speed is talked about, India's global ranking in this case is 76th.
●    In India at the beginning of 2017 the mobile download speed was 7.65 Mbps.
●    The speed increased to 8.80 Mbps in November.
●    In India in this way, mobile download speeds saw an increase of 15 percent.
●    The average mobile download speed grew at a slower pace.
●    Fixed broadband speed has increased 50 percent in a year.
●    At the beginning of January, average broadband download speed was 12.12 Mbps, which increased to 18.82 Mbps in November.

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Important Current Affairs 10th December 2017

Important Current Affairs 10th December 2017

Current Affairs 10th December 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

Six TMC MLAs in Tripura assembly joined BJP

Four months after the Trinamool Congress (TMC) six legislators joining the BJP in Tripura, Assembly Speaker Ramendra Chandra Debnath on Sunday approved him as BJP legislators.
●    This is the first time in the Tripura assembly that the BJP is also the legislator.
●    The Speaker said, "Six MLAs had written to me on 8th of November and requested them to be recognized as BJP legislators.
●    I had sent a 14-day notice to the TMC President.
●    Since I did not get any reply from them and no objection was expressed, I gave them recognition.
●    On August 7, hundreds of leaders and workers of five other MLAs, Ashish Kumar Saha, Diba Chand, Biswabandhu Singh Ranjit Singh Roy and Dilip Sarkar and TMC, led by Sudip Roy Burman, joined the BJP.
●    Earlier on July 3, TMC general secretary and West Bengal's Education Minister Partha Chatterjee had said in Kolkata that the party has nothing to do with the six legislators of Tripura, which is close to Mukul Roy. 
●    Mukul Roy has also joined the BJP.

Maradona arrives in Kolkata on a three-day tour

Argentine great footballer Diego Maradona reached Kolkata on a three-day tour on Sunday evening.
●    To get a glimpse of the Maradona, fans were roaming outside the airport.
●    This second of the Maradona tour is a football town.
●    Earlier he had come here in December 2008.
●    On Monday they will be involved in many programs.
●    After this, on Tuesday, a charity match will be played at the newly built stadium of Aditya School of Sports Complex in Barasat.
●    The opposition team will be former India captain Sourav Ganguly.
●    This match will be Seven-A-Side, in which many current and former football giants will also play.
●    Five minutes of this 40-minute match will be enjoyed.

Government preparing to implement new tariff policy for industries

The central government has decided to make a similar arrangement of tariff slab across the country.
●    There will be only a dozen slabs of electricity rates across the country.
●    On Thursday, there has been an agreement regarding this with Union Power Minister RK Singh in the meeting of State Power Ministers.
●    This will reduce the electricity rates for consumers of many areas, including industry.
●    At present, to understand the current method of fixing the electricity distribution companies (DISOM), you will not only be technically but also the master of mathematics.
●    In some states there are 19 types of tariff slabs for general, commercial and industrial customers.
●    Many times, under the guise of this there is massive corruption.
●    The central government is in the process of implementing a new tariff policy in the country till March, 2018.
●    Giving information about this, RK Singh said, "Currently there are 19 types of tariff slabs in some states.
●    It has been proposed to reduce it from 12 to 12. All the states agree on this. '

Current Affairs 10th December 2017: AWARDS

Thorlo and fin to get ICANN noble

Battrick Finn, Executive Director of the ICANN (International Campaign for Abolition Nuclear Weapon), the Nobel Peace Prize winner of the 2017 winner, will receive the Nobel Prize on Sunday night, when Satsuko Tharlo, a woman who survived the Hiroshima attack, will also be present.
●    This is a wonderful moment for the whole world but Britain with the United States and France will not be part of this memorable ceremony.
●    They have opposed that the institution like ICANN be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
●    1.10 million dollars will be given to the organization run by the awareness campaign against nuclear weapons.
●    Due to the institution itself, the United Nations Convention on Nuclear Arms Act has come into existence with the majority of two-thirds majority.
●    The Nobel Prize for Peace is given in Oslo, while the other categories of Nobel Prizes are given in Sweden's capital Stockholm.
●    The institution started in 2007. Under this, self-service organizations in 101 countries are employed.
●    After the Nobel Prize in Peace for the ICANN, the pressure on the US has increased.
●    The US says it will not be part of the contract to legally prohibit nuclear weapons.

Current Affairs 10th December 2017: GLOBAL NEWS

Diana's statue will be made after 20 years of her death

Sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley, who created Queen statue of Queen Elizabeth, seen in British coins, has been given the responsibility of making the image of Princess Diana.
●    This information is given by the sons of the late Prince-William and Harry. This statue will be set 20 years after Diana's death.
●    In the memory of Diana, a fountain of 210 meters was raised in Hyde Park in London in 2004.
●    Prince William and Prince Harry said in a joint statement, "Ian is a skilled sculptor.
●    Of course, he will pay tribute to our mother by creating a wonderful and memorable statue of our mother.
●    This statue will be installed outside the Kensington Palace in London, both of the princes.
●    In August 1997, Princes Diana died in a car accident in Paris.
●    At the time of his death, there was Dodi Al-Fayed in the car, who was called Diana's lover.
●    William's age at the time of Diana's death was 15 years, while Harry was 12 years old.

Saudi 'Prince' bought Leonardo da Vinci's most expensive painting of 'Jesus Christ'

Leonardo da Vinci's another petting salvator Mundi, famous for the petaling of Monalisa, sold for 450,312,500 dollars, which is around $ 29,042,085,992, became headlines around the world, because no earlier painting has been sold so expensive.
●    Now the identity of the purchaser of this pet is getting headlines.
●    According to the New York Times, the real purchaser of this painting is Saudi Arabia's Prince Mohammed bin Salman and he has bought it secretly through his friend Prince Badr bin Abdullah.
●    One proof is that Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is also known as MBS, bought this painting, it is also believed that it should be kept in an open new branch in Abu Dhabi, the world famous art museum of France. 
●    This branch has been inaugurated recently. The influence of the Saudi Prince in Abu Dhabi is not hidden from anyone.
●    Salvator Mundi means the protector of the world.
●    Believing an expert on artifacts, it is doubtful that it is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci, but despite all the skepticism, it is not enough that it has become the world's most expensive painting.
●    At one time this painting was with King Charles I of England.
●    After being stolen from his palace, it was found in poor condition in 1958.

Current Affairs 10th December 2017: INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS

Discussion on India's massive solar power project in France

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim has said that this week, India's huge solar power project will be discussed in the 'One Planet Summit' in France.
●    The Ultra-Mega Solar Power Project is also called Mega Solar Park.
●    This is India's planned series of solar power projects which will increase the capacity of India's solar power from 20,000 MW to 40,000 Mw.
●    Kim said that India will also have ultra-mega solar project in key projects that will be discussed in the conference.
●    Asked about the help of developing countries in the Paris Convention of Environmental Change, Kim said that the World Bank is working closely with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
●    I am quite convinced of what can be about variable power in India.
●    He said that the Indian leader has made a very ambitious target for India.
●    So that the density of carbon can be reduced rapidly. He said that Modi is taking personal, publicly, very firmly towards the future of India with a less carbon oriented convertible energy.

Current Affairs 10th December 2017: SPORTS

World Hockey League: India won bronze medal by defeating Germany

India got the bronze medal by defeating Germany 2-1 in the World Hockey League Final.
●    The Indian team won bronze medal in this tournament held in Raipur in 2015.
●    In the league, the Indian players kept domination over Germany in the third and fourth place.
●    Germany's team was struggling before the match, when five of its players did not play in the match due to injury and illness.
●    Germany, playing with 13 players in the semi-final against Australia, could only play with 11 players in the bronze match.
●    Despite this, Germany's players got on the field with full enthusiasm and they put 13 shots towards the goal, while India could only have shot 12.
●    Germany also prevailed in the penalty corners.
●    Germany got seven penalty corners, while India could only get four penalty corners.
●    Despite the absence of many players, the German team played spectacular hockey and took an aggressive stand in the match for 21 minutes.

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Important Current Affairs 9th DECEMBER 2017

Important Current Affairs 9th DECEMBER 2017

Current Affairs 9th DECEMBER 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

Mahesh Sharma inaugurated the Buddhist festival: a rich festival of Buddhist heritage

Minister of State of Culture (Independent Charge) Dr. Mahesh Sharma, while presenting the message of Lord Buddha's peace and harmony relevant at the present time, said that these messages have thrown different countries in one formula.
●    Dr. Sharma was inaugurating the Buddhist Festival: a rich festival of Buddhist heritage in New Delhi on December 08, 2017.
●    He said that the message of Mahatma Buddha given before two and a half millennia is relevant today and it exists as a link between different countries.
●    He said that the moral values of peace, totality and love and affection exist in our society and these are the effects of the teachings of Mahatma Buddha and Buddhism.
●    Dr. Mahesh Sharma said that close tradition of Buddhist heritage has been shown under the Buddhist festival, during this time the dialogue between Indian and international Buddhist art and exhibition of Vaastu, specific academics and follower of Buddhism, messages of Buddhism by Buddhist sympathizers Text and contemplation, display of films on Buddhism, dance and music, quiz competitions and catering Sector stalls have also been installed.
●    This will help increase the awareness of the rich and similar customs of BIMSTEC countries.
●    He said that this regional organization comprises seven member countries surrounding the Bay of Bengal which are tied in the tie of unity.


1.35 crore collected for children of Punjab in the US

The Sikh community living in the US has raised a donation of around Rs 1.35 crore.
●    This will help those needy children of Punjab who want to get higher education.
●    The Sikh Human Development Foundation (SHDF) has collected this fund through a program this week.
●    In this program, Bollywood actor and Punjabi comedian Gurpreet Bugui also attended.
●    SHDF President Gajinder Singh Ahuja said, "SHDF has so far given scholarship to more than five thousand students.
●    Of these, more than 2700 students have graduated.
●    These doctors, engineers, scientists have also been employed in other areas as well.
●    Some others are also helping the needy. ' He told that his organization helps promising poor students of Punjab and the surrounding area.
●    The Washington-based SHDF has been offering scholarships to students since 2001.
●    It has so far given about 13 crore scholarships.

Current Affairs 9th DECEMBER 2017: GLOBAL NEWS

America has stopped its citizens for unnecessary travel to Pakistan

The US has advised its citizens to stop the unnecessary visit of Pakistan to the rest.
●    Considering the frequent violent terrorist incidents, the US has advised its citizens to do this.
●    The US has issued such warnings on its citizens earlier.
●    Seven months ago, the US had banned its citizens from visiting South Asian countries.
●    In view of recent terrorist incidents in Pakistan, the US State Department said such incidents in the country have become commonplace.
●    The statement said that this could cause a threat to American citizens across Pakistan.
●    Even before this, terrorists have targeted diplomats and recent incidents are evidence that the attacks on Americans will continue.

Iraq free of ISIS, PM announces 

Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Awadi has announced the end of the war against terrorist organization ISIS.
●    Iraq's Prime Minister has announced this after the elimination of IS militants from the desert area adjacent to the Syrian border.
●    The US military and Kurdish fighters have also been instrumental in the war against IS in Iraq.
●    Not only Iraq, but IS is almost close to the end in Syria.
●    Soon Syria will also be free of IS.
●    The Iraqi army launched a big campaign against the survivors of the Islamic State (IS), a terrorist organization in the western desert.
●    It was the last resort of IS in Iraq.
●    The population is very low among this barren area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers near the Syrian border.
●    Earlier, the Iraqi army and paramilitary forces drove the IS from the valleys and the urban areas.
●    Iraq has already announced its victory against IS, but Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Awadi had said that unless the IS is eliminated from the desert area, it can not be said so far.

Historical settlement in Britain and EU over breakage

The UK and the European Union (EU) have a historic agreement on the rules of separation from the breakage on Friday.
●    After this, the European Union announced that there has been 'substantial progress' on issues related to breakage including British-made divorces, Irish borders and rights of citizens.
●    Although EU president Donald Tusk warned that the most difficult work is yet to come.
●    Tusk has recommended a summit next week to start business and transit talks with politicians.
●    Earlier, Prime Minister Terrya arrived in Brussels in the morning to discuss with EU President Jean-Claude Juncker to make this historic move a success.
●    Later, in the Press Conference with Junker, Teriza said, the important part of the agreement was to ensure that after the UK's withdrawal from the European Union on March 29, 2019, the British-ruled Northern Ireland and EU members were again among the borders of Ireland. 
●    The checkpoint (checkpoint) will not be created.
●    In exchange for the separation from the EU, the UK has said about 40 billion Euros (about 3413 billion rupees) from about 40 (about $ 3,033 billion) in dividers bills.

Sri Lanka handed over Hambantota harbor to China for 99 years

Sri Lanka formally handed over the strategically important Hambantota port on Saturday to China.
●    Under an agreement, the control of the port for 99 years has been given to Chinese companies.
●    Two Chinese companies, Hambantota International Port Group and Humbertoota International Port Services will now take over the work of this port.
●    Opposition has accused of selling the country through this project in protest.
●    This agreement of both countries has increased the security concerns of India.
●    Prime Minister Ranil Vikramasinghe decided to continue this project during his government's visit in April in the month of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
●    For the development of this port and some other projects, China has given loan of $ 8 billion (Rs 51 thousand crore) to Sri Lanka.
●    Vikramasinghe has said that China's debt will be refunded by the revenue from this port important in terms of trade in the Indian Ocean.

Current Affairs 9th DECEMBER 2017: SPORTS

Former IPL chairman’s property siezed in Panama papers case

Enforcement Directorate (ED) has seized Rs 10.35 crore of mutual funds belonging to businessman and former chairman of IPL, Chirayu Amin controlled company.
●    The central agency has taken this action under the FEMA law on Saturday in the Panama Papers case.
●    ED has said that it has seized the mutual funds of Wheat Field Chemtech Private Limited.
●    This action has been done under Section 37A of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).
●    This company is controlled by Amin and his family.
●    The names of Amin and his family members came in the Panama Papers case.
●    Amin and his family members also came to know about the participation and interest of Britain's Virgin Islands in Panama Papers.
●    Amin and his family members bought a 3 BHK apartment in Camden Hill, UK, through his company, Wheatfield Chemtech Private Limited India.
●    This apartment was purchased for 1.6 million US dollars (more than Rs 10 crore).

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Important Current Affairs 8th DECEMBER 2017

Important Current Affairs 8th DECEMBER 2017

Current Affairs 8th DECEMBER 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

National Conference on e-Courts Project

The e-committee of the Supreme Court of India organized a two-day National Conference on 2 and 3 December in New Delhi, in collaboration with the Department of Justice, Government of India, in which all the Central Project coordinators of various high courts, the Department of Justice and National Informatics Center Senior officers and many other senior judicial officers attended.
●    The conference was chaired by Justice Mr. Madan B. Justice, in-charge of the e-committee. 
●    The main challenges discussed in the conference so far have been the progress, best practices and experiences and the emerging challenges under the project.
●    E-Courts Mission Mode Project, being implemented in mission mode to bring the District and Subordinate Courts within the purview of National e-Governance project empowered through Information and Communication Technology (first phase 2010-15 and second phase 2015-19 ) is.
●    The main objectives of the project are:
●    To create adequate and modern hardware and connectivity to integrate the entire judicial system with information and communication technology;
●    Automation of management of the process of coming and disposal of work in all jurisdictions;
●    Transfer of electronic records from the Court of Appeals to the records of Talukas / lower courts;
●    Establishment of video conferencing facility and record statements of witnesses through it;

Giriraj Singh started public procurement portal-MSME relationship for micro, small and medium enterprises

In the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, the Minister of State, Shri Giriraj Singh launched a public procession portal 'MSME Relationship' here today.
●    The purpose of this portal is to monitor the implementation of public procurement by MSMEs by Central Public Sector Enterprises.
●    Mr. Giriraj Singh addressing the function organized on the commencement of public procurement portal for MSE.
●    On this occasion, Mr. Giriraj Singh said that MSME has not given due importance.
●    He said that in the words of the Prime Minister, the MSME sector can generate the highest employment after the agricultural sector.
●    Shri Singh said that 80% of the jobs in the industry are given by MSME with only 20% of the investment.
●    He appealed to the partners to take advantage of the portal.
●    He highlighted the fact that such a portal can make the business easier and play a major role in the government's 'Make in India' initiative.
●    He said that the government is ready to help MSME in every way.

J.P. Nadda released the National Trachoma Survey Report (2014-17)

The Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Shri J.P. Nadda released the National Trachoma Survey Report (2014-17) here today.
●    He announced that India has now been liberated from the 'disease-causing trachoma' and he called it an important achievement.
●    Mr Nadda said that the findings of the survey indicate that trachoma infection has been exhausted in all districts of the survey and its presence is only 0.7%.
●    It is much less than the standard of ending trachoma defined by WHO.
●    He said that trachoma is considered to be ending in that condition if its active infection is less than 5% in children under 10 years of age.
●    Smt. Anupriya Patel, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare was also present on the occasion of releasing the survey report.
●    The Health Ministers congratulated all the people associated with the survey, especially the health workers, who also worked in difficult situations to conduct the survey.

The blueprint for improving the power sector and the consensus on ensuring 24 hours of electricity to all the states

Conference of Power and Innovation and Renewable Energy Ministers of States and Union Territories ended yesterday evening.
●    This conference was chaired by the Minister of State for Power and New and Renewable Energy (Independent Charge) Mr. Raj Kumar Singh and the Ministers of Power and Power of 17 States and Union Territories participated in the conference.
●    Mr. Singh reviewed the presentations made by senior officers of the Ministry on various issues and discussed with all the State Ministers and their officials.
●    In addition, the Minister directed his officers to write suggestions of various states, which can be done later.
●    Shri Singh repeatedly assured all the State Governments that they should contact their Ministry without any hesitation on any issue regarding the power sector.

Radha Mohan Singh Launches Soil Health Card App for Farmers' Facility

Shri Radha Mohan Singh, Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, said on the occasion of World Earth Day that the objective of Swayam Health Card Scheme is to provide information about the Health Health of 12 Crore Plants of all the farmers of the country.
●    Mr. Singh said this on the occasion of World Earth Day at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Jhajjar.
●    World soil day is celebrated every year on 5th December.
●    Soil Health Card scheme in India was started in February 2015 in Rajasthan.
●    The Union Agriculture Minister informed that to help the farmers, Soil Health Card App launched today.
●    This app will benefit area-level workers.
●    This mobile app automatically captures GIS coordination in capturing sample registration details from the time field of sampling collection and indicates the location from which field samples are taken by the field workers.
●    This app works like other geotagging apps developed for the National Agriculture Development Plan.
●    The app contains the names of farmers, Aadhaar card number, mobile number, gender, address, crop details etc.
●    Shri Radha Mohan Singh said that the Health Health Card provides information about the nutrient related situation of the soil to the farmers as well as advise the nutrients used in the appropriate quantities to improve soil health and fertility.
●    In every two years the condition of soil is assessed so that nutrient deficiency can be detected and improved.

Current Affairs 8th DECEMBER 2017: DEFENCE

President presented the President Color to the Indian Navy's submarine branch

President Shri Ram Nath Kovind presented President Color to Indian Navy submarine branch in Visakhapatnam today.
●    On this occasion, the President said that our common interests are directly related to India's economy and security and the well-being of the people.
●    More than 90 percent of Indian business (according to the volume) is done through the sea route.
●    This also increases the role of the Indian Navy in not only protecting the nation but also in building nation.
●    Naval India is a major force in the field of samudri power.
●    Navy is responsible for the supervision of both military and civilian interests.
●    The President said that Samunder is better than the Indian Navy's mighty submarines and who knows who operates his boats between the waves and discharges his challenging duties.
●    All of your professional responsibilities complete with much skill between risk.
●    The nation is proud of their achievements.
The country praises them for their contribution towards national security.

Current Affairs 8th DECEMBER 2017: GLOBAL NEWS

International Conference on Co-Exhibition on Ayush and Better Health successfully completed in New Delhi

The first international conference and exhibition 'AYUSH' and 'Health Health' 2017 'successfully concluded in Ayush ministry. 
●    In this it was emphasized to bring AYUSH's capabilities and possibilities to the mainstream within the pluralistic systems of Integrated Health Services.
●    In addition, various types of sessions were organized on issues related to business opportunities in integrated health care, image creation of AYUSH, global regulatory issues on AYUSH and standardization and regulation.
●    Shri Shripad Yaso Nike, Minister of State (Independent Charge) of AYUSH in the concluding session said that in the last few days we have discussed the importance of Ayush system and used its properties.
●    He said that this conference focused on its huge potential for the benefit of humankind.
●    Mr. Nike also said that we are witness to the participation of more than 70 countries who have shown their desire and determination to work for the development of traditional medicine.

International Conference on Groundwater

On the issue of groundwater in the country, an international conference is being organized from December 11 to 13, 2017, titled "Groundwater Vision 2030-Water Security, Challenges and Climate Change".
●    The conference is being organized by the National Hydrology Institute (NIH), Roorkee and Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) under the aegis of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Protection Ministry.
●    The conference is expected to be attended by representatives of 15 countries and 250 research papers will be presented, 32 in which the main principles will be letters.
●    The Conference was inaugurated by the Union Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Conservation Minister, Shri Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Ms. Uma Bharti, Union Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Central Water Resources, River Development and Minister of State for Ganga, Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal. And Dr. Satyapal Singh will do it.
●    In the conference, the use of water in the country and the changing climate scenario will assess the current situation of the land and the challenges of its management.
●    The conference is happening at a time when the landscape of water in the country, especially the landscape of the day is changing.
●    Over the last decades, the use of groundwater has increased manifold in the country and today, 80 percent of household needs in the villages, 65 percent of irrigation water needs, industrial and city water needs 50 percent of the source of our water resources.

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Important Current Affairs 7th December 2017

Important Current Affairs 7th December 2017

Current Affairs 7th December 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

Prime Minister inaugurated Dr. Ambedkar International Center

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 'Dr. Ambedkar International Center' in today's 15th district, New Delhi. 
●    He laid the foundation stone of this center in April 2015.
●    The Prime Minister unveiled an idol of Dr. Ambedkar at the center of the center and the second statue of Dr. Ambedkar at Parikatha in this center.
●    Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment, Thawar Chand Gehlot, Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment, Shri Krishna Pal Gurjar, Shri Ramdas Athawale, Shri Vijay Sandal, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Statistical and Program Implementation, Shri Vijay Goyal, Secretary, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Smt. G. Lata Krishna Rao and other dignitaries were present on this occasion.
●    Speaking on this occasion, the Prime Minister expressed confidence that the Center will play a key role in the dissemination of Dr. Ambedkar's teachings and their vision.
●    Keeping in view the fact that Dr. Ambedkar International Center is a part of this project, the Prime Minister said that this center will be important for research on social and economic matters.
●    He said that this center will work as a thinker for inclusive development and related socio-economic issues.
●    The Prime Minister said that thinkers and dreamers have given direction to our country at different times.
●    He said that the country is indebted to Dr. Ambedkar for contributing to nation building.

Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh said, "Border Security grid will be set up in the border states"

Union Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh presided over the meeting of the Chief Ministers of the Indo-Bangla Border (IBB) states today in Kolkata.
●    Giving high priority to the security of the borders, the Home Minister had earlier organized border special review meetings for the Indo-China, Indo-Myanmar, Indo-Pak borders.
●    In the meeting, the Home Minister stressed on the need for security of the country's borders and preparing the system for proper trade and commerce.
●    He said that India has friendly relations with Bangladesh.
●    All these measures will facilitate proper trade and legal transit across the border of the people and prevention of militancy, illegal migration and trafficking of animals, fake Indian currency and drug substances.
●    They insisted on banning the entry of illegal migrants on international borders, some of which can be contacted with extremists who promote anti-national activities and threaten international security.
●    In a comprehensive review meeting on border management, he stressed the need for strengthening infrastructure on border and strengthening border security.
●    The Indo-Bangladesh border from Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura and West Bengal, including five states of India, is 4096 km.

Ministry of Commerce imposes minimum import price on black pepper

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has approved the proposal of spice board to fix the prices of CIF (cost, insurance and freight) of 500 rupees per kg as minimum import value of black pepper to protect the interests of the producers of black pepper.
●    The decline in the domestic value of black pepper due to the cheap import of black pepper from other countries in recent months has been a matter of great concern among the producers of black pepper.
●    In the last one year, the decline in prices of black pepper has declined by 35 percent and due to this, the producers of black pepper are facing huge difficulties.
●    Since most of the black pepper producing countries are located in the ASEAN region, so there is a possibility of bringing black pepper of these countries to India through Sri Lanka to take advantage of concessional import duty under SAFTA and ISLFTA.
●    Farmers organizations have demanded strict action, including fixing the minimum import price (MIP) of black pepper so that other countries can curb the cheap imports of black pepper in India.

Third DRC-Policy Commission Dialogue

The third dialogue between the Policy Commission and China's Development Research Council concludes today in Beijing.
●    The meeting chaired by the Chairman of the Policy Commission, Dr. Rajiv Kumar and Chairman (Minister) of the DRC Mr. Li Wei.
●    Senior officials of the Policy Commission along with the officers of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and Food Processing were included in the Indian delegation led by the Vice President, Policy Commission.
●    In China's delegation, DRC researchers and officers were present along with Chinese Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Development and Reform Commission officials were also present.
●    The DRC-Policy Commission Dialogues provides both sides an important platform for discussing the macroeconomic issues and mutual interests of the two countries.
●    In this third dialogue, discussions were discussed in detail between the representatives of the two countries, various economic systems for global economic possibilities, India-China economic cooperation and balanced development.
●    In the context of global uncertainty and sluggish global development, it was noted that in the coming years, both India and China are likely to be a major part of the global economy in the form of large and fast developing countries.

National cabinet approved to set up National Nutrition Mission

In the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Union Cabinet has given its approval for the establishment of the National Mission on Nutrition (NNM) starting from 2017-18 with a budget of Rs 9046.17 crore.
●    This program will take measures to reduce the level of weight loss of children, short nutrition, deficiency of blood and at the time of birth, through targets.
●    It will be encouraged to work, guide and monitor the Ministry and States / Union Territories for better coordination, to maintain synergy for action on time and to achieve the desired goals.
●    More than 100 million people will benefit from this program.
●    All states and districts will be covered in Phase-i.e. in 315 districts in 2017-18, 235 districts in 2018-19 and remaining districts in 2019-20.
●    9046.17 crores for three years starting from 2017-18.
●    It will be financed by government budgetary support (50 percent) and IBDR or other MDBs by 50 percent.
●    Between Center and States / Union Territories 60:40 North Eastern Region and 90:10 for Himalay States and 100% government budgetary support for Union Territories.
●    The total amount of Government of India for a period of three years will be Rs. 2849.54 crore.

Current Affairs 7th December 2017: DAYS AND DATES

NHRC will celebrate Human Rights Day on December 10

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is organizing a function here on December 10, 2017 on the occasion of Human Rights Day.
●    Vice President Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu will address this function as the Chief Guest.
●    The President of NHRC and former Chief Justice of India, Justice HL Dattu will also address the function.
●    Human Rights Day is celebrated every year on December 10 on the occasion of universal declaration of human rights.
●    This declaration was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948 as a standard of human rights protection and recognized it.
●    On this occasion, the National Human Rights Commission has organized various programs including human rights and awards competition for short films across the country.
●    The best three short films on human rights will be given a trophy and citation, with a prize of Rs one lakh, Rs 75,000 and Rs 50,000, respectively.
●    Some publications of NHRC will also be released on this occasion.

Current Affairs 7th December 2017: SPORTS NEWS

Sports Minister Colonel Rajyavardhan Rathore inaugurated Saikon 2017 in New Delhi

Inauguration of the first International Conference on Sports, Drug and Sports Sciences, Psychon 2017, here today, Colonel Rajyavardhan Rathore, Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports (Independent Charge).
●    On this occasion, he said that India has made significant progress by winning medals in many international sports and behind it, with a special team of coaches, physicians, doctors, scientists and technical staff, every athlete will be in the journey of the success of Indian players. Has been helpful.
●    Colonel Rathore said that sports science and sports medicine is becoming increasingly important as they improve their performance and improve their rehabilitation and health benefits.
●    He said that sports medicine specializes in the performance of physicians and scientist athletes because they refine their talents and skills.
●    He said that the contribution of sports science would be even more important under the 'Play India Program' started by his ministry.
●    He said that according to the intention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, empowering the youth, 'Play Bharat Program' has been prepared to find talent at the school and college level.
●    He said that the National School Games will be organized from January 31 to February 8 next year for the under-17 players under India.
●    This school will work as sports springboard. He told that the first time the sports announcer will directly broadcast national school sports.

Current Affairs 7th December 2017: AGREEMENT NEWS

Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) signed two Indian Advance Price Agreements (APAs) in November 2017

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has made bilateral advance pricing agreements (APAs) during November 2017.

●    These agreements are the first bilateral APA with the Netherlands.
●    With the signing of these agreements, the total number of APA registered by CBDT has increased to 186.
●    It includes 171 one-way APAs and 15 bilateral APAs.
●    These two are related to the electronics and technology sectors of the APA economy.
●    These agreements include distribution in international transactions, providing marketing support services, arranging business associate services etc.
●    The APA provisions were introduced in the Income Tax Act in the year 2012 and the "rollback" provisions were introduced in the year 2014.
●    The APA scheme attempts to provide certainty for taxpayers in the area of transfer value by specifying pricing methods and by determining prices.

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Important Current Affairs 6th DECEMBER 2017

Important Current Affairs 6th DECEMBER 2017

Current Affairs 6th DECEMBER 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

Ministers of India and Italy signed a new MoU for cooperation in the fields of agriculture and plant hygiene.

Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Shri Radha Mohan Singh called on the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policy of the Republic of Italy in New Delhi, Shri Maurizio Martini, in Agri Bhawan, New Delhi.
●    Welcoming Italy visitor delegation, Shri Radha Mohan Singh said that between India and Italy traditionally have friendship and cordial relations.
●    Shri Singh said that India gives special importance to strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries.
●    While expressing his views, he mentioned that there is a need to further strengthen and strengthen relations between the two countries in different areas including the Agriculture sector.
●    Shri Singh thanked the Italian Minister for joining Agritech India 2017 with a huge business delegation.
●    Shri Radha Mohan Singh mentioned the wider working area of cooperation such as agricultural machines, training, investment, institutional relations, precision farming, animal breeding and fisheries.
●    Mr. Singh briefly mentioned the initiatives taken by the government in areas such as agriculture, marketing, soil health, irrigation and crop insurance.

Signature of the agreement to meet the vaccination target between the Health Ministry and Rotary India

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Rotary India today was signed.
●    The function was chaired by the Union Health and Family Welfare Minister, Shri J. P. Nadda.
●    The agreement was signed by Joint Secretary (RCH) Vandana Gurnani and Rotary International India President Deepak Kapoor.
●    Regular immunization and intensive mission under the National Polio Plus Polio Free Program, Mission Rainbow, will provide support to the rainbow.
●    Uniting the beneficiaries, especially in urban settlements and in backward areas where there is no one to be aware.
●    Encourage and encourage NCC, NYK, NSS members so that they actively participate in awareness programs.
●    Creating awareness in innovative ways.
●    Involving private professionals and local leaders in programs such as polio-free programs, regular immunization and intensive mission rainbow.

JP Nadda reviewed the progress of Mission Indra bow

The Union Health and Family Welfare Minister, Shri J. P Nadda reviewed the progress of Mission Rainbow in collaboration with Health Ministers and Chief Secretaries of 24 states today.
●    In the review meeting, Shri Nadda highlighted the issues related to the state-specific and stressed the need for regular meeting of permanent committees and workforce to increase inter-regional synergy.
●    He said that in order to fulfill the target set by the Prime Minister, there is a need to work better so that the difference between Mission and Rainfall in the month of October and November has been realized.
●    Mr. Nadda suggested to State Health Ministers and Chief Secretaries to discuss with the district officials through video conferencing for review of Mission Rainbow from time to time.In the review meeting, senior officials from Health Secretary Smt. Preeti Sudan, Mr. Manoj Jhalani (AS & MD) and Mrs. Vandana Guranani, Joint Secretary (RCH) attended.
●    Shri Nadda said that the Ministry of Health will honor the intensive missions, districts and states which perform better under the rainbow race.
●    He said that the districts and states receiving 90 percent complete immunization goals will be given prizes.

Agreement with Uttarakhand & IT company HP to take the services of specialized doctors

Today, Uttarakhand government has signed an agreement with Hewlett Packard: HP: mutual consent agreement (MOU) to deliver specialized medical services through telemedicine in remote mountain areas of Uttarakhand.
●    Under this MoU, in the presence of Chief Minister Trivandrum Singh Rawat, HP will be providing experimental telemedicine services at four community health centers in Uttarakhand first.
●    The company will provide approximately 65 types of medical tests on these community health centers and uploading the results immediately, along with major and necessary pathology equipment and IT equipment will also be provided.
●    At the same time, each studio will also be installed at every center, where specialized doctors will be present on behalf of the company.
●    The company will train the physicians and paramedical staff posted on the selected community health centers so that the maintenance of electronic medical records and the successful operation of the related equipment can be done.
●    All records relating to telemedicine services will be transferred to the concerned officer of the concerned hospital.
●    The paramedical staff and nurses will also be provided by the State Government on related medical colleges.

Current Affairs 6th DECEMBER 2017: SPORTS

Sushil Kumar and Mary Kom resigned as National Sports Supervisor

Wrestler Sushil Kumar and boxer Ms. Mary Kom has given her resignation letter from the post of National Sports Supervisor.
●    Both senior players are still active in their areas Pahalwani (men) and boxing (women), so they believe that staying in this position can be seen as a conflict of interest.
●    Keeping in view the sports tradition, both the players have resigned from their post.
●    The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has accepted his resignation.
●    Youth Affairs and Sports Minister (Independent Charge) Colonel Vardhan Rathore thanked Sushil Kumar and Ms. Mary Kom for their services and said that the Government would continue to take advantage of their rich approach and expertise.
●    He said that the players' experience will play an important role in the development of the game in the country.


India and Cuba sign MoU to increase cooperation in health sector

Between India and Cuba, today the agreement was signed to promote mutual cooperation in health sector.
●    Health and Family Welfare Minister J.P. Nadda and Cuban Health Minister Dr. Roberto Tomas Morales Ojeda signed the Memorandum of Understanding.
●    A senior member of the Health Ministry and a delegation from Cuba were also present on this occasion.
●    Describing the agreement as historic, Mr. J.P. Nadda said that there is historical relation between values of shared equality and justice between India and Cuba.
●    Both countries hold common opinion on many global issues.
●    Shri Nadda said that this agreement is very important for the cooperation in the field of health and medicines.
●    This will encourage institutional cooperation between the two countries in the field of health.
●    There are wide scope of cooperation in the field of pharma and biotechnology.
●    Cuba has done remarkable work in the field of Biotechnology and Pharma.

Current Affairs 6th DECEMBER 2017: GLOBAL NEWS

Donald Trump announced Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

Bypassing international community warnings, US President Donald Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.
●    They did this by breaking the decades-old America and international policy. While Israel is happy with this move, there is concern in the international community.
●    They consider it a step to provoke violence in the Middle East.
●    This move is also being considered as opposed to the efforts of the former American administrations who had stopped the move so far from the fear of unrest.
●    Donald Trump has described it as a step taken for peace, which was halted for years.
●    Donald Trump has instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to shift the US Embassy to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem.
●    Although officials say that this process may take up to a year now.
●    Even before Trump's decision, it was opposed in Arab countries.

Current Affairs 6th DECEMBER 2017: AWARDS

Indian doctor gets Divyang Seva award in US

An Indian doctor and Divya rights activist was given the prestigious Henry Wiskaardi Achievement Award in the US on Tuesday for spreading awareness about the rights of physically challenged people and improving the quality of their life.
●    Dr. Satyendra Singh, 40, is an Associate Professor of Physiology (Physiology) at the University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
●    He is the first Indian to achieve this honor.
●    This international award was first given in March, 2013.
●    In a statement, Viscardi Center said that American Divyang Rights Leader and President and Chief Executive of Viscardi Center and Henry Wiskardi Center of New York, John D. Kemp gave awards.
●    "I dedicate this award to the determination of every person physically and physically challenged, fighting the discrimination around the world," said Singh, who played an important role in making the Indian Lok Sabha election 2014 accessible to physically challenged people.
●    He said, 'I am very proud to put the Indian badge badge on my chest while getting this award in America.'

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Important Current Affairs 5th DECEMBER 2017

Important Current Affairs 5th DECEMBER 2017

Current Affairs 5th DECEMBER 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

Anupriya Patel inaugurated the 22nd AWWP Conference

Hon'ble Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Smt. Anupriya Patel recently inaugurated the 22nd Conference of Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP) in New Delhi.
●    The five-day conference is being organized by the Central Drug Standards Control Organization (CDSCO) and National Drug Regulatory Authority (NDRA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
●    The main objective of this program is to suggest ways to develop approaches for convergence and uniformity of the regulation of medical devices in Asia and its areas and facilitate exchange of knowledge and expertise between the regulators and the industry.
●    The Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP) of national regulators of 30 member countries and members of the industry was formed in 1999 as a voluntary non-profit organization.
●    Its purpose is to promote regulatory uniformity in the regulation of medical devices in Asia and other areas in accordance with the guidelines issued by the International Medical Equipment Regulatory Forum (IMDRF).
●    AHWP IMDRF, WHO, works closely with international organizations like International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
●    The government has made in the medical equipment sector in the country, the Make in India, Research and Development (R & D) and ecosystem for promoting innovation.

RP Group offered to invest in Haryana

Dubai-based company RP Group of Companies has expressed interest in investing in the affordable housing and integrated multilateral freight centers developed under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme in Haryana.
●    According to an official statement, the company's founder and managing director Ravi Pillai expressed this desire during a meeting with Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar.
●    The company proposed to build low cost houses for industrial laborers in Manesar, Bahadurgarh and Kundli.
●    Company offered to prepare it with new technology in order to ensure it got ready within a year.
●    Company also proposed to invest in the Integrated Multilateral Freight Corridor in Nangal Choudhary of Mahendragarh.
●    The project, being prepared to reduce the time spent in transporting goods, is being developed as UAR India's largest freight correction center.
●    Earlier, Khattar welcomed Pillai saying that the government's plan is to develop an economic corridor on either side of Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway.

Conference on Energy Ministers of States in New Delhi on December 7

States of Energy and New and Renewable Energy of States and Union Territories will be held in New Delhi on December 7, 2017.
●    The conference will be inaugurated by Union Minister of State (Independent Charge), Energy and New and Renewable Minister, Shri Raj Kumar Singh.
●    The purpose of this conference is to review the implementation of various schemes / programs and subjects related to energy and renewable energy sectors.
●    Along with this, issues related to energy and renewable energy sector will also be discussed in the conference.
●    In the conference, senior officials of Ministers, Secretaries and Public Sector Undertakings of States and Union Territories will review the latest progress and discuss topics on important schemes.
●    The closing session of this conference will be from the acceptance of the conference proposal by the representatives of the States and Union Territories and the participating participants in the conference.


ISA will become a joint international intergovernmental organization

The International Solar Coalition will become an international intergovernmental organization based on the treaty tomorrow (December 6, 2017) after the approval of the draft format of agreement on November 6, 2017, as 15th country by Guinea.
●    It will be headquartered in India.
●    The secretariat of the organization has been established in the premises of the National Solar Energy Institute located in Gurugram, Haryana.
●    ISA has been established after India's initiative.
●    It was jointly organized by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi and President of France, separately from COP-21 during the United Nations Climate Conference on November 30, 2015 in Paris.
●    The purpose of this organization is to overcome obstacles in the path of promoting solar energy.
●    At the same time, there is a country which is fully or partly in the path of the Cancer line and Makar Line and is rich in solar energy, to meet the demand of solar energy through better coordination.
●    So far, 46 countries have signed the agreement form on ISA and 19 countries have ratified it.

Current Affairs 5th DECEMBER 2017: DEFENCE 

Successful test of the Aakash missile

Missile Aakash, which was equipped with indigenous technology capable of hitting the ground from the ground, today successfully tested the complex of ITR range in Chandipur at 1:48 pm from Complex 3.
●    The missile was tested at all levels through radar, telemetry and electro-optical system.
●    Dr. J. Satish Reddy, Scientific Advisor to the Director General (missile), DRDO and Defense Minister (R.M.), Mr. MSR Prasad, Director of DRDL, Dr. J. Chandra Mauli, Program Director, Dr. B. K. The top scientists of the DRDO including Das were also present.
●    Defense Minister's scientific salahkar congratulated all the DRDO scientists and military forces for successful testing.
●    This missile has been included in the army from ground to air as a low-range firepower missile.
●    This is the first ground-to-air missile, in which the system of indigenous technology has been used to penetrate its target on the basis of radio waves.
●    After this successful trial, India has acquired the ability to build missiles capable of hitting the air from any kind of land.

Current Affairs 5th DECEMBER 2017: SPORTS

India won only 2 medals in Rio Olympics

Prior to the Rio Olympics, she was not one of the strongest contenders, but three women players scattered their shine and saved India from returning empty-handed from the Brazilian city.
●    Crossing all the challenges, PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik and Deepa became 'heroines', who were not expected.
●    In this way, all these three people saved the country from returning empty-handed for the first time since 1992.
●    Indu became the youngest player to win an Olympic medal at the age of 21, who won the Silver Medal, which has never been before in Badminton.
●    Sakshi won the Bronze Medal and also came for the first time in women's wrestling.
●    India's first woman gymnast missed the margin of 0.150 points from Deepa Bronze Medal.
●    Lalita Babar became the second Indian woman to qualify for the final of the track event after 32 years in Olympic history.

Current Affairs 5th DECEMBER 2017: ECONOMICS

AAI will invest Rs 800 crores in the construction of new building of Patna Airport

The much anticipated construction of the new terminal building of Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport in Patna is expected to begin next year.
●    An investment of Rs 800 crores is possible in the construction of the proposed terminal building.
●    With the construction of the new building, the capacity of the airport will increase to 45 lakh passengers per year and 2,250 passengers in busy hours.
●    There is also the possibility of meeting the growing demand.
●    AAI operates the Indian Airlines Authority, Patna Airport.
●    In a statement issued today, the Authority said that in order to meet the growing demand from passengers, AAI has decided to construct a new terminal building at a cost of Rs 800 crore, which will be able to handle the burden of 45 lakh passengers annually.
●    Its construction will commence in April 2018.
●    The existing capacity of Patna Airport is basically to handle the burden of seven lakh passengers, but in the previous year it took care of 21.1 lakh passengers.
●    AAI is also going to invest Rs 800 crore to build a new terminal building in Bihta Air Base.


4G downloads live in speed, Vodafone tops second

In the sense of the download speed of 4G technology-based internet, Reliance Jio is dominated.
●    In the month of September, the average download speed of Reliance Jio was 21.9 Mbps.
●    At the same time during the 3G technology, the download speed at Vodafone network was pegged at 2.9 Mbps.
●    According to data available on the Telecom Regulatory Authority of Trai website, according to the download speed in the 4G internet, Reliance Jio was ranked first in September.
●    The company is the ninth consecutive month in this segment and the average download speed on its network was 18.4 Mbps in August.
●    Vodafone ranked second on the 4G network in the month of July due to download speed.
●    The average download speed of 8.7 Mbps on its network, 8.6 on the network of Idea and the speed of 7.5 Mbps on the network of Airtel.
●    However, the average download speed of all the three companies, except for Jio, decreased in comparison to the previous month.

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Important Current Affairs 4th DECEMBER 2017

Important Current Affairs 4th DECEMBER 2017

Current Affairs 4th DECEMBER 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

First International Conference on Exhibition on Ayush and Fitness and Exhibition today inaugurated in New Delhi

First International Conference on Ayush and Fitness: 'Health 2017', the Minister of Commerce & Industry, Shri Suresh Prabhu and Minister of State for AYUSH Shri Shripad Yesho Nayak inaugurated in New Delhi today.
●    The exhibition and conference has been organized in Vigyan Bhavan from December 4 to 7, 2017.
●    Healthcare 2017 organized by AYUSH Ministry and Ministry of Commerce and Industry, including Pharmaxil, has jointly worked with FICCI to demonstrate the strength and scientific evaluation of the traditional system of medicine.
●    In the year 2017, about 1500 representatives from India and 60 countries are participating.
●    Addressing the delegates, Shri Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Commerce and Industry said that Health is the first of its kind in 2017, which has been organized in India.
●    He said that though India is not the only country which has the knowledge of traditional medicine, through 2017, we have decided to distribute the traditional medicine knowledge of India among the people of the world.
●    Through this conference, we hope that we will be able to learn from the delegates from other countries of the world and the Government of India will be happy to work in this field with all the countries.

6th International Tourism Hats launch in Guwahati

The sixth International Tourism Haat (ITM) event is being organized in Guwahati, Assam.
●    The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, is organizing this Haat from December 5 to 7, 2017, in collaboration with the North-Eastern States.
●    Governor of Assam Mr. Jagdish Mukhi, Chief Minister of Assam, Shri Sarbananda Sonowal, Union Tourism Secretary, Mrs Rashmi Verma and inaugurated in the presence of Union Ministries and dignitaries present in the North Eastern States.
●    As well as focusing on India's "East East Policy" from Sixth International Tourism Haat, the home of ASEAN and the world's fastest growing economies, strengthening ties with the vast East Asia region and emerging tourism market in India But will also focus.
●    As well as discussions on promoting tourism in the North-Eastern states, along with the objectives of 'Act East Policy', enhancing the connectivity of the North-Eastern states with these countries as well as increasing the interaction between the people of the Asian region. 
●    This will help in developing inter-regional tourism between Asiatic and Northeast states.
●    In ITM 2017, active participation will also be taken by the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, to speed up the process of development of tourism in the North-Eastern States.


Indo-German signing on various environmental contracts

India and Germany today signed several other agreements, including the bipartisan agreement for the eco-friendly urban transport project, worth 20 million euros.
●    According to an official statement, the agreement related to the financial support of 1.1 million euros in the form of a grant for the financial help of 200 million euros as a loan for the environmentally friendly urban transport-3 project and four other projects was signed. 
●    The first part of this agreement has already been signed in May.
●    The first part of the treaty between the two countries has been signed in May.
●    Under the India-Germany Development Cooperation, a comprehensive deal of governments related to the Financial Cooperation II in 2016 was completed here.
●    In addition, four other contracts were signed under the Indo-German bilateral development cooperation between Germany's public bank KFW and the Department of Economic Affairs.
●    Other contracts are related to the Madhya Pradesh Cleanliness and Environment Program, continuous urban infrastructure development, Odisha phase 2 and projects of Green Energy Corridor in Maharashtra under the state-of-the-art Transmission System.

Summoning Heights with Seychelles Government to Provide Medical Equipment

HLL Infratech Services Ltd Heights, a wholly-owned subsidiary of public sector HLL Lifecare Limited HLL, has made an explanation with the Seychelles Government.
●    Under this, the company will provide many types of medical equipment to strengthen the health sector there.
●    Danny Luang, Chief Executive Officer, HCA, Health Care Agency, Seychelles, Chief Executive Officer of the company, S.N. Satu, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles signed this explanation, according to a release issued by the Heights.
●    This is the second step of this explanation.
●    Under this explanation, heights will provide 42 types of equipment, including anesthesia unit, neonatal ventilator, patient monitor, ultrasound scanner, dental chair and examination bed.
●    The first phase of this kind of explanation was in Heights and Seychelles in November 2016. Then Seychelles was supplied with 378 medical devices.
●    The Government of India assisted the purchase of medical equipment by HCA giving a grant of 3.65 crores of rupees.

Current Affairs 4th DECEMBER 2017: AWARDS

President presented the National Ayurveda Award

President Shri Ramnath Kovind presented Pandit Ramnarayan Sharma National Ayurveda Award for the year 2008-2014 at the Rashtrapati Bhavan today (December 04, 2017).
●    The President said that forests, mountains and villages of India are a major source of medicinal herbs and herbs. 90% of the country's medicinal herbs and herbs meet the forests.
●    More than 5,000 varieties of herbs are found in our forests.
●    Protection and preservation of this valuable resource is extremely important.
●    People should be sensitive to preserving medicinal herbs and herbs.
●    Addressing the Ayurveda experts present on this occasion, the President said that diseases related to modern life are increasingly affecting people and the world is looking towards India for alternative medicine.
●    Ayurveda can play an important role here.
●    The President said that experts have great responsibility for establishing Ayurveda as a powerful medium for the prevention, treatment and management of such diseases.

Current Affairs 4th DECEMBER 2017: ECONOMY

MobiKi's former vice president will present cycling app, will invest five million dollars

Former marketing chief and vice president of mobile wallet MobiKi, Akash Gupta is preparing to introduce new app mobi to provide bicycle for rent.
He will make an initial investment of five million dollars for this.
●    Spend a lot of money and spend to reach your last destination.
●    When people come out of the metro or bus, they will find our bicycles there.
●    They will be able to unlock the bicycle by scanning the QR code and leave the cycle after reaching their destination or lock it on their own.
●    After locking the bicycle, their journey will end.
●    He said that Mobyasia will also contribute to better health of people as well as to overcome challenges such as jam, pollution in big cities.
●    Gupta said that our plan is to extend this service to 12 cities in 6 months and up to 20 cities in a year.
●    This service will be started in the first phase with 5,000 bicycles in Delhi, Noida, Gururgram, Chandigarh and Faridabad.
●    The cost of travel will be about Rs one rupee and this service will also be available on a membership basis.

SLN Coffee Liftista Brands Wade

Coffee Area Company, SLN Coffee today introduced its instant coffee brand Leivista.
●    Along with this, the company has set a target of raising revenue to Rs 1,100 crore. The company's senior official informed about this.
●    S.N. Satappan, Director of SLN Coffee, said on the occasion of presenting the Levishhau brand that our company, which sells coffee and coffee in the domestic market last year, had a turnover of 800 crores.
●    He said that before testing LeVista we tested it with more than 50,000 cups.
●    In the beginning we are presenting the instant coffee brand Levista in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. South India is the largest market of coffee.
●    In three years we are expecting our presence across the country.
●    With the launch of Levista, the group is expected to reach the level of business at Rs 1,100 crore.
●    The instant coffee market is growing at a rate of 10 percent.
●    He said that Levista coffee brand will be available in 30,000 shops in Tamilnadu and 25,000 stores in Karnataka.

Current Affairs 4th DECEMBER 2017: SPORTS

Germany defeated india in hockey world league final

The Indian hockey team made a quick start in their last league match of the Hockey World League Final but in the end, they had to face 0-2 defeat at the hands of Germany.
●    On Monday, in the Pool B match played at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar, Germany scored goals from Hanger Martin (17) and Mats Graubüsh (20).
●    With this win, Germany remained at the top of the pool.
●    Germany's defense is considered as strong.
On Monday, they proved this to be true once.
●    They prevented many attacks of India and also threw up the Indian defense.
●    Germany's team got limited opportunities but they got the crucial lead of 2-0 by hiring them half-time.
●    The first goal from Germany came from penalty corners.
●    At the end of the match the attacks of the Indian team continued to rise but like the opposition team, they could not reach the goalpost.

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Important Current Affairs 3rd DECEMBER 2017

Important Current Affairs 3rd DECEMBER 2017

Current Affairs 3rd DECEMBER 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

Registration of BS-4 vehicles will not be done after June 2020

The government has issued a draft notification for amendment in the Central Motor Vehicles Rules to prevent registration of vehicles of BS-4 standard made before April 2020 after 30th June, 2020.
●    In order to stop the pollution caused by vehicles, the government had taken big steps last year and decided to supply fuel to Euro-6 standards from April 2020 in the country.
●    Issuing draft notification for amendment in the Central Motor Vehicle Rule, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has invited the stakeholders, affected persons and people from December 20 till the disaster and recommendation.
●    It has been stated in the notification that these rules will be called the Central Automotive Reform Rules, 2017 and this rule will be applicable from the date of the last publication in the official letter.
●    It has been stated in the notification that the new vehicles manufactured from April, 2020, manufactured before April 2020 will not be registered after 30th June, 2020.
●    Further in the notification, it is said that in accordance with the BS-4 standard, new vehicles of M and N category made before April 2020, whose sale is in the form of Chess, can not be registered after September 30.

Planning to link all districts of Rajasthan with air services

The Rajasthan government is planning to add all the districts of the state through air connectivity.
A senior official reported this.
●    While the Central Government is encouraging the ambitious regional air connectivity plan, the Rajasthan government's internal aviation service campaign has been operating for a little more than a year.
●    According to Captain Kesari Singh, Director of Civil Aviation of Rajasthan, the State Government has plans to start the Palace on Wings service to connect historic buildings, forts and palaces to the airways.
●    The government's plan is to connect all districts with the state plan or flight plan or aviation service through regular flight.
●    There are 18 airports owned by the state government in addition to airports, defense airfields and private airports of the Indian Airlines Authority.
●    Singh said that the state is working on strengthening the aviation sector.
●    This includes expanding the state-owned airports to make them eligible for regular commercial operations, granting licenses etc.

Yogi Government aims to raise Rs 5 lakh crore investment

Yogi Adityanath Sarkar, through the investor conference organized in Lucknow in February next year along with a road show in other states with the aim of generating 20 lakh opportunities of employment by attracting investment of five lakh crores in the state till 2022, Will promote.
●    State Election Commissioner Anup Chandra Pandey said that by the year 2022, the investment of 5 lakh crore rupees in the state and 20 lakh jobs of employment generation is likely.
●    We will conduct roadshows in many states of the country and will hold investor summit in Lakhan on 21-22 February.
●    He said that the road show to be held to attract potential investors will start from 8 December on New Delhi.
●    In addition, such roadships will be organized in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Kolkata.
●    A senior official said that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath himself can make roadshows in Mumbai on 22nd December to give good message to the investors.
●    The state government has selected 11 areas including food processing, manufacturing, tourism, IT manufacturing hub, solar energy, which will be mainly highlighted during road shows.
●    He said that an invitation has been sent to more than a dozen countries including the US, Korea and Japan at the Investor Summit.

1 lakh Indians booked for Mars tickets

About 1 lakh 38 thousand 899 Indians will visit Mangal soon.
●    These people have booked tickets to go to the Red Planet under the Insight Mission of NASA, American Space Agency.
●    This mission is to be launched in May 2018.
●    NASA has said that those who give their name will be given online boarding passes.
●    The names given will be engraved with the help of an electron beam on a silicon chip.
●    The letters written on the chip will be thinner than the thirteenth part of the hair.
●    After this the chip will be sent to Mars. 
●    Indians were ahead of the names of the senders for NASA's Mars mission.
●    For this mission, NASA has received 24 lakh 29 thousand 807 applications from around the world.
●    According to NASA, India is at number three in the list of names of people from all over the world on Wednesday.
●    The first place in the list is America.
●    6,76,773 people from the United States have sent their names for the Mars mission.
●    After this, 2 lakh 62 thousand 752 people of China have registered for the mission. India is at number three.

Current Affairs 3rd DECEMBER 2017: AWARDS

President gave away national awards to Divyanjanjan for the empowerment of Divya

President Shri Ramnath Kovind presented national awards for the empowerment of the Divya Jangan on the occasion of International Divyajanjan Divas (December 3, 2017).
●    In his address on this occasion, the President said that only the future of the country depends on ensuring the full potential of all citizens.
●    He said that to achieve this goal, one has to create such a sensitive and harmonious society where every person feels empowered - and a sympathetic society where one person feels the pain of another.
●    The President said that in our constitution, all citizens, including the people of Divya, have been guaranteed equality, freedom, justice and dignity.
●    The government has enacted laws for empowerment, inclusion and inclusion of them in the mainstream.
●    He said that any Divyangjan should be evaluated not by his physical ability, but with his intelligence, knowledge and courage.


USFDA Approves Cancer Treatment medicine Biocon, Mylan

The problems arising out of a decade-old partnership of American pharmaceutical company Mylan and the Bangalore-based biocon Biocon are going to be far away.
●    The American FDA gave marketing approval to his BioSimilar drug Travestizmab on Friday night, thereby stopping speculation on the launch.
●    This drug, named OGVIRI brand, is a version of Blockbuster drug of Rash, a Swiss pharmaceutical company used to treat breast cancer.
●    BioSimilar medicines are a copy of very complex biologic drugs.
●    The effect of biosimilar drugs is similar to the inverter version.
●    Worldwide sales of trashgimab sales of $ 3.16 billion each year are estimated to reach $ 10 billion by 2020.
●    Analysts say that the approval of the American FDA will strengthen Mylan's financial position as he has exclusive rights to sell this drug in the US, whereas the biocon's complex medicines will be a dream come true.

Telecom department imposes Rs 2.5 crore fine on Tikona

Telecom department has imposed a fine of Rs 2.5 crore on Tikona Digital for delay in starting wireless broadband service in Rajasthan.
●    Along with this, the department has approved the spectrum deal with Tikona's Airtel.
●    Using the same discretionary powers as per the rules of 3G networks, the telecom department imposed the said penalty.
●    According to the broadband wireless auction rules of 2010, all successful bidders are required to start network service for BWA services within five years from the effective day of spectrum allocation.
●    On failure, the telecom department can withdraw spectrum.
●    Official sources told the PTI-Tikona Digital was given a co-demand notice on October 23 after the delay in completing the obligation.
●    A penalty of Rs 2.43 crore has been imposed, which was 2.5 percent of its successful bid amount for the Rajasthan circle. The company had fined October 25.

Current Affairs 3rd DECEMBER 2017: GLOBAL NEWS

Iranian President Rouhani inaugurated the first phase of Chabahar Port

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani inaugurated the newly constructed expansion area at Chabahar port on strategic importance situated on the south-east coast of the country on Sunday.
●    With the help of the Chabahar port from Oman's Gulf, India can now take a easy and new business route with Iran and Afghanistan by saving Pakistan's path.
●    This first phase of Chabahar port is also known as Shahid Beheshti port.
●    Iran's official TV said that the inaugural function was attended by delegates from India, Qatar, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries.
●    According to the Ministry of External Affairs, India was represented by Minister of State for Shipping, Pon Radhakrishnan.
●    With this expansion, the capacity of this port will increase 3x and this will be a major challenge for the neighboring country of Gwadar Port in Pakistan.
●    Although Ruhani, in his inaugural address while lightening the rivalry, said that this would increase the unity and connectivity among the regional countries around.

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